A great contest

My friend Meghann left me a comment on my “girl clothes” post about an Amy Butler contest. So I ventured over to this really cool site. And of course not wanting to enter anything I already made, I decided to start/finish a project that I had been meaning to do since Karston was little. So here it is:


A $19.99 bouncy seat from Wal-Mart picked up by my mom while I was at my parents house. I was never too fond of that fabric. So here’s the after:



Much better, don’t you think? I also wanted to spray paint the blue metal parts a creamy white, but I didn’t have time for that. Nothing like a contest to make you get something done! You can see the winners here, lots of inspiration for future projects. Oh, and I know when you click on the link to all the entries mine isn’t there, but I promise I really did enter. I even e-mailed them to make sure they got my entry. It would have been fun to win some Amy Butler fabric, but I’m glad that that bouncy seat finally got recovered and is ready and waiting for the next baby, whenever that may be.


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  1. The bouncy seat looks great! I wish we lived closer so I could get sewing lessons from you.

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