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Stopping point

Well I didn’t finish all my painting and sewing, but I made it to a stopping point. I’ve decided to not sew things to sell. I’ll finish up what fabric I do have then from there I will just sew for me, Kyrie, and for gifts. I love sewing; it was just taking so much time that it wasn’t worth it. I had a goal of finishing up some more sample banners to hang in the store by today (it was being totally redone today). I didn’t get as many finished as I wanted, but I’m happy with the ones I did get finished. 


Olivia banner


I added swarovski crystal rhinestones to this one, and I love the sparkle!


hudson banner


Avery banner


This one is my favorite! (Please overlook the messy living room. We live here.) I love all the colors. Here is a close-up. 

close up of avery banner


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A few weeks ago I invited a friend over to make something crafty. She found this cute (and FREE!) project from Heidi Swapp. Now she is a really creative person, and I knew that I didn’t even have products to compare to hers…but I thought I would be able to supply any products needed for this (except the corner rounder). Well, she came, and I didn’t even have a glue stick to offer her. Can you believe it, I had no adhesive! I was totally embarrassed, but anyways. We had a lot of fun. We got all of our cutting done and ready to adhere on our individual time. And despite the urge to run out and get some black and white paper for my album since I had none, I resisted (I did buy glue sticks though). And through that resisting I came up with this. FREE! black and white paper!!! I was so excited and so proud of myself for being resourceful. It was originally meant for wrapping paper, but you could really use it for anything. I’m sure I’ll use it again in the future. I ended up using the Fancy Cummerbund for the inside and outside spine of my album, and the Graphic paper for the inside covers. Here is the finished product. 

Gratitude Album

inside of album

inside cover of album

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Makes Me Happy Monday

A Quiet house.

Don’t get me wrong; I love the noise that means there are little feet around, but there is just something about a quiet and still house.

It’s especially good today because I have much painting and sewing ahead of me the next two days.

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Makes Me Happy Monday

Karston in leaves

The sound of leaves crunching under feet.


reading in park

Having story time in the park with my little ones.


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Fleece blanket

Yesterday our church went to a local nursing home to set up a little Christmas shop for the residents. It was composed of little figurines, scarves, blankets, ornaments, picture frames, journals, tote bags…a whole smorgasbord of things. We then gave the residents monopoly money to pay with. Everything was a dollar. It was so much fun to be able to bring some happiness and a good time to these people. There were some funny old ladies. It was a little depressing just to see these people so close to death and being treated like babies (and I’m not meaning they were being mistreated or treated poorly). Makes you think about life. Anyways, I had made some picture frames for the store which I forgot to take a picture of. They were just those wooden ones that are at Michael’s for $1 that I then covered in scrapbook paper that I already had. I also made two no sew fleece blankets. I’m sure everybody already knows how to make these, but I thought I’d give a tutorial anyways! Now I’ve never read any directions on how to do this so I could have just slaughtered the whole process and done something completely wrong, but they turned out pretty good so it couldn’t be that bad.

1. Get two pieces of coordinating fleece (I used one yard of each print) and lay them wrong sides together. And cut off any bad edges (the selvedge edge).

fleece blanket

2. Cut a rectangle out of the corner (which I already did before I took the above picture). I chose to do a rectangle instead of square which will make the fringe different lengths, but I wanted to keep as much width to the blanket as possible. I folded the blanket over to match up the corners until I had cut all four rectangles out.

corner of blanket

3. Next, pick a side and start cutting! You will be cutting fringe all the way around. I did not measure mine and purposefully made some different widths.  One inch give or take a little is a good measurement.


4. Keep cutting.

cutting fringe

5. And keep cutting! You’re almost finished.

cutting more fringe

6. Now it is time to knot. Grab the bottom piece of fleece in one hand and top fleece in another and tie a double knot.

knotting fringe


knot tying

7. Continue knotting all the way around! A break may be needed, but I actually found the monotony of it nice. 

knotting more fringe


8. You’re finished! You now have a completed blanket! And it only took about 30 minutes if you don’t count the time I took to photograph the process.

finished blanket


They were tons of fun to make and even more fun to see the people who got them (I wish I could have made more). And Karston and Kyrie loved them also. They have some cute Christmas fleece at Joann’s so I thought I might make them Christmas blankets. Not sure though. You know I had flannel reindeer sheets that my grandma gave me that I put on my bed every winter. I can’t believe my mom let me- looking back they weren’t really the most stylish thing. But it was associated with such a special time of year and made me excited. So I thought an extra blanket for their bed that is only brought out at Christmas time might be fun!


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We love mail. Who doesn’t. We even like getting bills. I’m sure one day we won’t, but for now we do because it means we got something in the mail. Since we’ve lived in this apartment we have so many days where NO mail comes. It is so depressing to me. So something is better than nothing, right? Most of the time anyways. I know not always. Anyways, on to why I was writing this. Yesterday we got a package; now that is the best kind of mail! It was a package from my sister, and in it was this cute outfit.

Kyrie in brown and green outfit

Kyrie on stairs 

Isn’t it so cute! She really likes it. And tonight her friend Lillian started pointing at the polka dots while smiling and making cute noises. I think she liked it too. Also, in the package were these Thomas bath toys which he has been playing with in the bath and out of the bath and sleeping with them. 

Karston in bed w/trains


Thank you Aunt Calli!!! As you can see we love our gifts! Now, I’m off to paint a tad bit more before heading to bed. I had my second real order (real=from someone I don’t know) last week for a canvas banner. I’ve had 3 samples hanging up at goochie goochie baby boutique at the Shops at River Square Center in Waco, TX for a several months now. This gave me the incentive to finish some more samples to replace the current ones and hang in different stores. Here is the banner I finished last week.

Emma banner

I really hope the clients like it. I had a lot of fun making it. Hopefully I can go get some more painting in before Mark gets home. He is at this huge book sale that the Friends of the Library puts on every year. It’s great- all the books are .50-$1.50! With the exception of collectibles. There are really more books than you could ever look at. This is what we picked up this morning.

books from booksale

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Makes Me Happy Monday

Today was one of those days that I needed this post. I was so very thankful for so much today but not really happy. They are two different things you know. You can be sad and still feel very thankful for so much and feel very blessed. I wasn’t sad. I was just not in a very good mood. The sun didn’t come out today. It hid behind the clouds. I rarely like the days when it is like that all day because it gives me a migraine. I need sun! It was one of the worst migraines I have had in a while….and it’s not all the way gone, although MUCH better. So today I enjoyed:

Karston stopping multiple times throughout the day to give Kyrie these sweet hugs.

Karston walking into the kitchen and saying, “Mommy you have a pretty face!” Yes, his daddy told him to say it, but the huge smile and the sincerity when he said it was all him. 

Kyrie standing up and lifting her arms up over her head over and over again while we were playing our kitchen instruments.

But today sewing made me happy. It is so therapeutic. I did not want to stop sewing tonight. It has been way to long since I have sewn. Must do more tomorrow.

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