Hello, my name is Maegan. I am wife to Mark, mother to Karston and Kyrie, and by the grace of God a servant of Christ Jesus. I love to create by sewing, painting, drawing, photographing, scrapbooking, and an endless amount of other ways!


3 responses to “About

  1. Whitni

    Hey, I am one of Calli’s friends. She lived with me in college her next to last year. She gave me this link to show me pics and I just kept reading and was so touched by your positivity and love for the Lord. I would like to mail you some things if I could get your address. Thanks and have a great week!

    Whitni Hays

  2. I deleted your email without keeping your email add. Sorry! My blog is on wordpress its whitni.wordpress.com, its called I Do Hair. Not much on there yet cause Im a little computer illiterate. Thanks for the pic help!

  3. Hey Maegan! Loved your tutorial on the creative file folders on Meet Me At The Well….I will make some of my own soon! Always so excited to find an artist and designer who loves the Lord and her family most of all!! Blessings to you, Cate

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