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Better than Receiving

Is giving. I really love to give gifts. Most of the time. I don’t like to give gifts just to mark it off a list. I love to really know the person, to study them, to think about what they love, what will most excite them, what is something they want, what is something they wouldn’t buy for themselves, what is so them. And while I can’t tell you some of my gifts (my family is coming up on Friday to do a late Christmas), I wanted to share the gift we gave my sister-in-law. Mark told me he did not want me making any gifts this year other than photo books or the like. I was a little sad and a little relieved and a lot thankful that I had a husband who takes care of me. It has been an overwhelming season. So to etsy I went. But with as many things that are on there, and so many of those things that I would love, nothing was just jumping out at me as fitting her. Then I thought pillows- couch pillows- and then I found out she had just gotten some hand-me-down couches and knew that was the gift. So Mark let me make them. They are pillows after all, not the most of challenging sewing projects. I loved them, and I think she did too.



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A Merry Little Christmas

We had a sweet and quiet (as quiet as quiet gets with three kids) Christmas with our little family of five. It was a perfectly lazy and happy day. It was so nice to be together as a family and to take a day off of Mark studying to just be together. The only thing that would have made it better would have been snow. Now I know many of you do not want snow, and I don’t want it for long, but that was my one consolation about moving up to Kentucky where it is so cold. I HATE cold weather. I really don’t see how bodies continue to live when it is cold, I mean don’t they just stop and focus on trying to get warm allowing nothing else to get done. Anyways, if it is going to be cold then it might as well be for a reason. And snow is a perfectly good reason- some good pictures, some snowballs, and maybe even a snowman. But not this Christmas. We move to Kentucky and it snows in Texas! and stays a rainy 50 degrees in Louisville! I couldn’t believe it. We did get a little snow yesterday. I just want one good snow.

Anyways, I will stop complaining and leave you with some pictures from Christmas and the days surrounding it.

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brown paper packages

tied up with string. These are a few of my favorite things. Really, who doesn’t love getting a package. I know we do. We have a mail drop at our house, so when we first moved in the kids checked the mail, oh, somewhere around 12 times a day. They checked it even after it had already come. We would also check the porch a couple of times a day. Now don’t think we have a package come every day because that is certainly not the case, but between Mark’s school books and gifts/fabric I buy online (because loading up 3 kids to go shopping is really just impossible) and the packages Nonna sends we do receive a fair amount. Well, now that it’s Christmas time we are receiving a lot more as I’m sure you all are too. But not all of them have been for Christmas which is nice because it’s not as fun to get a package but not be able to open it.

One of the non-Christmas packages was from my sweet friend Becca. We met just a couple of weeks before I had Karston. She was a sister-in-law to a friend I had already met in Waco. We ended up living beside each other at TSTC, and laughed at the lack of insulation in our homes or the shingles falling off every time the wind blew. Well maybe we didn’t laugh at the time. But we can now. We would walk to each other’s house or go on walks around the track together. Her and her husband watched Karston while Mark and I went on a date.  Then Mark and I ran around the campus trying to find her husband while she was riding in an ambulance with her sweet baby boy who had quit breathing while she was nursing him (he is okay now). We have so many memories. And I miss her so. She is so crafty! And I do wish we had created more together while we lived so close. However, I am still reaping the benefits of this creative friend even if we are separated by a few states. She sent us a package with an adorable bib and burp cloth for Kanon and some PRECIOUS leg warmers for Kyrie. And Kyrie loves them. So I wanted to show you just how cute they are. Thank you Becca!


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Since we haven’t received any definite answers as to whether or not Kanon has anything wrong, we just watch to make sure he hits all his developmental milestones. So far so good. In the last 2 weeks he has started playing with his toys on his bouncy seat, grasping his hands together, chewing on his hands, and sucking his thumb. Looks like I’m going to have another little boy who sucks his left thumb. I love it. 

I know I’ve said this before, but he is such a smiley baby. He smiles and laughs and it is the cutest thing ever! I don’t think I could ever tire of hearing a baby laugh. He is such a joy to us.


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my view

This is what I saw this morning.

I wasn’t feeling well this morning, so I read a few books and dozed off while they played. I think my body’s been fighting sickness for a couple of days now. I feel much better now. I gazed at our popsicle stick snowflakes we made on Monday using this tutorial. I have to admit I didn’t read the tutorial. I saw a picture of a protractor and decided to not try and make it perfect. This worked well. The 3 and 2 year old stacked and counted sticks for me. Perfect for that age. I really like how they turned out. Karston and Kyrie have been playing in their tent and feeding their alligator uncooked lasagna noodles. I now need to spend the afternoon catching up. Have got to figure out Christmas cards since there is not time to do what I wanted. Maybe next year. Off to explore Louisville!


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Creation Museum

We have wanted to go to the Creation Museum, well, since before it opened. And then it opened and we just never made that drive from Texas to Kentucky. And then we knew we were moving to Kentucky so we waited. Then we moved to Kentucky, but Mark was doing school and we were still settling in. So last week we decided to go. Our family really needed some time together away from what our life has consisted of the past few months. Karston has really been interested in dinosaurs ever since he started playing with the neighbor boy who know EVERYTHING about dinosaurs. We thought it would be a great time to go. It was awesome. Now let me just say right now that we did not read any of the information. Are you kidding me? With a two and three year old we were obviously there just to SEE. Which is fine for us. At some point it would be nice to go back and be able to read the information however our purpose for going was not to be convinced of the falsehood of evolution and the truth of the Bible. That being said, figures and models were absolutely stunning. 

There were many Biblical figures and scenes from the Bible. Here’s Isaiah and Moses.

And David

And here’s the kids in the Garden of Eden

And there were several figures of Adam and Eve in various times/circumstances (eating the fruit)

And Satan disguised as a serpent

Here is Adam with Cain and Abel working the land where life outside the garden is hard. (A pregnant Eve was off to the side, but I didn’t get a picture of her- too bad, she was a cute pregnant woman.)

And then here is what we came for….the dinosaurs

And this is the one that scared Karston

He was pretty scary. I’m sure it especially was for a 3 year old. Several of them moved, including this one. Now, I think you should all plan a trip to the Creation Museum. Because it’s that good. Really just because if you do plan a trip that means you better at least stop for a visit if not come and stay with us! So get your calendars out and plan a trip. We miss all our Texas friends!

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the outcome

Sorry for the blog absence last week. Mark’s dad flew in for a couple of days and took us Christmas shopping. We really tried to focus on things we needed or things to organize the things we already have. I think we did a pretty good job. The kids got very few toys. Then we took a quick trip to the Creation Museum which was awesome, and I’ll post pics from that later. Then, we spent the rest of the week cleaning out the basement and going through boxes that were still packed since the move. And the result is this

There is still a little more to do, but it feels oh so good to be finished with most of it. And you know we’ve been here too long when it is 60 degrees out and we think it is warm! We are loving today and staying outside as much as possible.

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