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I love them. I can’t get enough of them. My baby is about to turn one, and I’m not ready. I’ve decided to go ahead with a carnival for a celebration. We’ll see what sort of homemade carnival we can throw together by his birthday. While I’m thinking about my baby and his first year, I’m going to share some pictures of another baby with you. I mentioned back in April that we had some friends visiting from Texas. Well, they brought this adorable little 4 month old with them that they were caring for. He was so cute! The morning they were leaving, we met at Chick-fil-a for breakfast. Afterwards we walked behind the building to some baseball fields and a park to snap some pictures of the baby. The more I snapped, the more I wanted to eat him up! Enjoy.



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My little artists

and their quiet time creations…..

…..and the clean-up.

Is it bad that I was actually proud of two of Karston’s drawings? His drawing is changing, and it’s so exciting to me. I see drawing lessons in the near future! However, explaining to a four and two year old that this is not really our house, that we pay people money to live here, and those people will make us pay more money if we mess their house up, that it’s OK for Nonna to paint on walls because she is an artist and people pay her to do that…..yeah, that proved to be just a tad bit harder than we thought.


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The BEST Corn on the Cob

One last summery side….

We love this time of year because our favorite corn is now in stock (in abundance) at our local farmer’s market. It is King White Corn- supposed to have a bigger kernel and be sweeter than Queen White Corn- and is the best corn we have ever tasted. We also cook it a certain way, and I thought I’d let you in on our delicious method.

Turn oven on to 400

Lay your corn out

Cut off any loose part of the husks. Keep your cutting to a minimum; you want to leave as much husk as possible.

Place directly on the oven rack and bake for 30 minutes. Cooking them in husks like this is supposed to give more flavor. Apparently the flavor is in the silks (the stringy parts of the husk) and cooking like this gives the corn the flavor from the silks. Even if this isn’t true, there’s something about cooking it like this that gives the corn more flavor.

**There is no need to set them this close to each other, but I was using my toaster oven because my regular one needed cleaning. 

While it cooks, gather these ingredients: butter, parmesan cheese, parsley flakes, and kosher salt.

Melt a little butter in a small dish. Sprinkle in some parmesan, parsley, and salt. Stir. I totally don’t measure for this.

Remove corn from the oven. They’re are usually not this brown; they will be brown just not this brown. Mine were browner than usual because, remember, I cooked them in the toaster oven and therefore set closer to the top of the oven.

At this point, you can peel off the husks and cut as usual. Or you can peel back the husks to use as a handle.

I go ahead and cut mine because it’s easier for the kids. Brush on your buttery topping and taste the best corn you’ve ever had!

Make sure you prepare A LOT. Everybody will want seconds. The little girl below could eat 6 ears herself.


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DIY beach bag

Ok, I told you how I made the kids beach bags instead of cleaning house before our trip to Florida. I told you how super cute they were, right? Well, now I have pictures for you and somewhat of a tutorial. 

I first saw these grocery bags Dana made while she was in the first  So-You-Think-You’re Crafty competition. I loved them. Aren’t they adorable? Well, I didn’t really need reusable grocery bags at the time so I filed the idea into the “projects to do later” part of my brain. Then came our trip to the beach, and I thought how fun if we had beach bags to give to the kids filled with sand toys and stuff. They could tote their little bags down to the water each day. It was the first time the kids were going to be spending time with their cousin, and we wanted to celebrate. The grocery bags came to mind as the perfect material to use for beach bags. They are made out of plastic grocery bags melted together!!!

Here are a few pictures of how they turned out. 

Aren’t they cute? I just love them. 

There is no need for me to rewrite the tutorial, so I will send you to the original tutorial HERE. From what I read (I admit I didn’t read the whole tutorial), the steps were all very clear. I just read long enough to know that she used eight layers of Target bags, you use parchment paper underneath and on top of your bags to melt them, and that she used cotton setting on her iron.

I used seven layers of Wal-Mart bags with the shiny side of a Target bag on the top and bottom. I also used the setting below cotton, maybe wool?, on my iron. I ironed my bags from the middle going out to release the air bubbles. Originally I had wanted the bags to be pretty small so the kids could carry them, but my sister-in-law and I found so many great sand toys and pajamas on sale that we ended up with a lot of stuff that need to fit! So here’s the sizes of the panels I cut:

I was originally going to laminate some fabric to use as handles, but using ribbon cut out MANY steps. Time was precious. Hence no photos of the process of me making them! I also opted to make my handles go all the way to the bottom of the bag to add support. And I did sew my handles on before sewing the bag together.

I really like these bags and have other ideas for things to make using this technique…like wet bags to hold our wet swimsuits after a visit to the pool. I’ll be sure and show you pictures once I make those!

One last thing, I want to say Happy Birthday to my Grandma Mary! Thank you for sewing with me on my summer trips to your house. I love you and wish I could drive down and eat some cake with you. Have a wonderful day.


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Summer Drink: Fruit Infused Water

Well, school started back up for the Mister yesterday. He’s been doing school all summer long (and all last year, and during winter break, and all last summer) so I really didn’t expect that much change yesterday. My children aren’t “school-age” yet so our school years are pretty similar to our summers and vice versa. However, I think I went into shock yesterday. I think I had already grown quite accustomed to having Mark around for a little break last week. Another set of hands to help with the kids, to play with them, to discipline them, to help me clean, and to get some projects done. My focus of: what project can we do now and mark off our list, didn’t quite flow into yesterday very well. We didn’t have a particularly bad day at all; in fact, I really can’t think of anything in particular that caused me to go into shock. Really. I was very, very dizzy for a good portion of yesterday. Which is why by 4:20 in the afternoon, I was letting my 11 month old eat chocolate fudge pudding. Pudding! I don’t even know what’s in that stuff! And not only that, but I was letting my 2 year old paint her arms with it. And the indicator that I was out of my mind: I didn’t even care. I wasn’t even dreading cleaning up the mess. I stood there watching them while I washed dishes and then took pictures of the scene. 

So while I’m in denial that school is starting back up, I’m going to present you with one last summer drink today, maybe a summer DIY tomorrow, and then maybe I’ll get on track and bring you some back-to-school stuff next week.

I’ve always wondered why restaurants serve lemon in water. I don’t like it, and I just didn’t get it. But while the Mr. and I were on our honeymoon in Mexico, we were served water with orange in it. And it was delicious! That got us thinking what else we could put in water. A quick google search for fruit infused water will bring up several recipes. There are ones with rosemary, and some with mint and others with all sorts of different fruits. We haven’t tried any of those because we just love this one so much:

2 slices of an orange

3 slices of a granny smith apple sprinkled with lemon juice

Fill with water and let steep overnight for full flavor. We have found that refilling it two or three times is a good amount. Either that or three days before you need to replace the fruit. I hope you enjoy it. 

Do you put anything special in your water? What’s been your go-to drink this summer?


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Becoming Home

Today I’m guest posting (sounds so fun to say that!) over at Becoming Home. My sweet friend, Diane, asked me to help in a celebration week over at her blog. She’s celebrating 200 posts.  She’s got DIYs, guest bloggers, and a giveaway scheduled this week so make sure you check back with her all week long so you don’t miss anything!

 Go check out my little project and how-to I came up with. I hope you like it! It was fun for me and despite the end project looking like it takes some work, it is really quite easy. Here’s a little sneak peek of the end product:

Mark paid me the high compliment of saying, “If I didn’t know better, I would’ve thought it came from Anthro.” Is that sweet or what? And I’ll take it even if he was just tired of me asking, “Do you like it?”


So go see the whole tutorial over at Diane’s. While you’re at Becoming Home be sure to check out Diane’s archives. She’s got some great projects; she’s super creative. I was quite honored and ecstatic when she asked me to guest post (and that may be an understatement). Thanks Diane!

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Summer Drink: Tea Lemonade or Arnold Palmer

This next drink comes from our trip to North Carolina. A year before we moved to Louisville, we thought we were moving to the South Carolina/North Carolina region. On our trip to check out the area, we had the privilege of staying with some great people. One of these was a delightful couple who had many great stories of some of their amazing travels. They also had some interesting food. One thing they served us was tea. I wasn’t too excited about it because I don’t like tea (gasp, I know), but I loved this! 


2/3 cup Lipton sweetened Iced Tea Mix

2/3 can of Lemonade concentrate


Add 2/3 cup Tea Mix

Add approximately 2/3 of the Lemonade Concentrate

Fill with water to the 2 quart mark.

Pour over a glass of ice and enjoy!

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