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be back soon

I had pictures for you. Actually, I still have them. They’re just on the camera, and I’m having technical issues that I run into ever so often that requires help from Mark. And since it is the end of the semester, Mark is even busier than usual (that would be an understatement), and getting pictures off the camera and onto the computer didn’t make the top of the list because I decided to turn our house upside down. I just thought I was rearranging. That was nothing. Now, after a visit to some new friends’ house, I’ve decide to move all three kids upstairs to the attic turned room, and move mine and Mark’s bedroom down to the main level. I’m actually very excited about all this, but seeing as our house looks like a burglary scene with clothes and toys and furniture thrown every which way in hopes of an intruder finding something of value, I feel just a tad overwhelmed. And because moving our mattress downstairs requires rolling it up into a burrito, strapping it “closed”, removing a window, and lowering it through that window and down to the ground, Mark can’t get to it until after the semester is over. So I’ll be overwhelmed for a little while. So…. I don’t know when I’ll be back. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week. Although I could think of lots to tell you all about, it’s just not as fun without pictures. So hopefully I’ll see you soon!



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The Party

you know- the potty one. Yep, we had the potty party. And we went ALL out. Kyrie needs attention. A lot of attention. She needs to feel very special. (and of course she is very special) So just as I was adding things to “the party” that seemed way over the top and so much like a joke that I was laughing at the whole thing, the more she loved it. And that’s the great thing: as a family you can do over-the-top, ridiculous, goofy, unnecessary, silly things and it doesn’t matter one bit how crazy it is because you all love each other so much that you don’t care how crazy it is. We had goofy fun.

Her “prize” panties for being potty- trained, hanging from the wire art display board in the dining room. She was so excited to get to wear these which made me very excited because for a while I thought I was going to be ironing on Mater and Buzz Lightyear figures to plain white panties. 

Because making the potty chart  reminded me of making signs in cheerleading…..

I had 8 minutes while the dinner was in the oven. I ran down to the basement, used a broken foam brush and my finger, and made this sign. She loved it. And so did all our guests in the 2 weeks following.


The cookie cake that I never thought I would order. 

me: “Yes, potty party, and could you please draw a picture”

16ish year old boy: “Of….a toilet?

me: “Of a pair of panties. A pink pair please.”

boy: “like underwear.

me: “well sort of, but panties”

I should have drawn it for them. Oh well. Kyrie LOVED it.


Can you tell how excited she was? While she was waiting for us to get the cookie cake down (because, you know, it has to go on the highest shelf in the house until it is time to be eaten or it will be devoured in seconds while you’re not looking), she started singing, “Potty Party to me” to the tune of Happy Birthday. Made me smile.


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Our Weekend in Photos

Sorry for the unannounced break last week. I know you were all wondering where I was. We were enjoying some time with dear friends from Texas. We had a great time. And now on with the regularly scheduled programming.

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no photos

We have absolutely no photos from this past weekend. I was/am sick and spent most of the weekend in bed. I don’t remember the last time I spent that much time in bed. Thank you, Mark for watching the kids.

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It’s been almost one year since we moved to Louisville. Crazy! Anyways, we have played musical rooms since we moved here and are doing it once again.

Karston and Kyrie just got bunk beds from the neighbors

What was Kyrie’s room/guest room has been made the guest room and Kanon’s room at night.

Our room is still Kanon’s room during the day (for naps)

It has changed very often. To think that the dining room was mine and Marks’ room for the first month we lived here….SOO glad we finally fit our mattress upstairs!

Well, the constant rearranging makes it hard to decorate and stay settled, but maybe this time it will happen. Mark is also on “reading week” this week at school. And while I think he’s got over a thousand pages to read and papers to write, he’s also trying to help me get some projects done. So hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll have some projects to show you, big projects too.


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Our Weekend in Photos


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The Voting is Up

I posted three DIY projects here, here, and here that I entered in this contest. Well, turns out the contest ended up being quite a bit bigger than they had expected. They received over 200 entries, and only 24 were chosen. And I’m so excited that my DIY Vintage Wedding Book was one of the 24 chosen!

Now, I need you to go HERE to vote for me. Vote for #16 in the comment section. (or I guess you could vote for another project- the Photobooth Wall was probably my favorite) 

So go vote! You have until Thursday, April 8.

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