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me and kanon

I was inspired by this post of Ashley’s. Out of the thousands of pictures our family has, I am in a very small percentage. Mainly this is because I am usually the one taking them and Mark is at work/school, or because I don’t take the time to set the self timer, and a few instances where I have preferred not to be photographed because I have no make-up on and haven’t showered in 3 days (okay so maybe that was the case more than a few times). But I have totally gotten over that. Looking back at the pictures we have that I allowed to be taken even though I really didn’t want them aren’t half as bad as I thought they were at the time. And really, that’s how my kids know me. Everyday, no make-up me. 

I was really inspired to take pictures of just me and Kanon. We’ve gotten to spend a lot of time together just me and him. Not in the way that I would prefer (hospital stays and doctor appts), but more than I would get alone with him being the third baby and all. And today is another one of those days. On his CT scan they saw some white spots all over his skull. I am not sure (I’m not sure the doctors are either) what it is. So we have an MRI to get a closer look at it. He will have to be sedated. I have definitely been given a peace that surpasses all understanding about this. I still don’t like it, but I know He is good. It will not be a fun day- I can’t feed him past 9:30 am, we have to be at the hospital at 1:30 pm, and the test is at 3:00 pm. So any prayers for us would be much appreciated and cherished- we really love them more than you’ll ever know. Because really how cute is this little boy?



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what a wonderful place to be. And what a joy to be doing laundry and cooking and cleaning, even if there is so much of it that I don’t know where to begin. We are so very glad to be home. Being unexpectedly gone for a week did put us a little behind in holiday matters. I have yet to buy any food for Thanksgiving, and we had the intention of inviting some people over to celebrate with but that hasn’t happened. Maybe we can still find some people who are as out of sorts as we are.

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still in OK

Definitely didn’t think we would be here this long. My grandfather passed away during the night Tuesday night. I am glad he is no longer suffering. I’m also glad my children are here to provide some distraction and joy even though they are even fussier and more disobedient than normal after being holed up in a motel room. We are very excited to be heading home tomorrow.

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the results

Friday evening we received the results from the CT scan. It’s good! There were two things we were watching for- 1) the bones of the skull being fused together and 2) a malformation of the temporal bone. He does have an extra bone in his skull which would explain the lack of a soft spot but none of the bones were fused together! Praise God! Also, his temporal bone is in perfect condition meaning the hearing loss is not related to that. We will be doing genetic testing soon. Regardless of the cause, a hearing aid is still our answer for the solution. Thank you for your prayers. I am very thankful we are not scheduling a surgery at this point.

We enjoyed 2 nights with our neighbor from Woodway. Steve came up for a medical missions conference so he was gone for most of the day, but we kept him up late at night talking. It was so wonderful to have him. It was like a piece of home. We only wish the rest of the family had come with him.

Also, we put our van to the test pretty quickly. My grandfather got really sick and wasn’t expected to make it this long. I drove down to Oklahoma during the night Saturday night. We arrived safely. He is still with us so I’m not sure how long our stay will be. We had to leave Mark at home because it is the end of the semester and he is already behind because of our previous providential interruptions. We hope to return home soon.


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thank you

A big thank you to everyone who has been praying for us. I know the Lord is hearing your prayers. We have so much to be thankful for. 

First off. We got a minivan yesterday!!! Did you see all those exclamation marks? Yes, I am really that excited. What a great way to mark Kanon’s 2 month birthday- driving somewhere all together. It’s really hard to believe that we have gone 2 months without going anywhere as a family or me out with all the kids (driving anyways). We have been walking a ton, which we totally love. It’s one of the really great things about where we live. But it will be so nice to resume going to story time every week and to be able to get to church as a whole family. I never thought I would be excited about a minivan. In fact, I used to say I would never drive a minivan; I was going to be one of those moms that drove something cool like a suburban. That is just another lesson to never say never. I’ve stopped saying it. Everything I’ve said never to has happened. Anyways, we totally love our minivan. It is really more than we thought we would ever be able to get. It’s silver, has heated leather seats (which we will be wonderful in this cold weather), and a DVD player. I know; it’s great.

Second, the CT Scan. It was scheduled for 10 am this morning. He was to be sedated so I could not feed him past 5 am, and then he could have clear fluids until 7 am with nothing past that. We were to arrive at the hospital at 9 am. I had really been so nervous about the whole sedation thing. I lost a lot of sleep over it….just lying in bed praying. Please Lord protect him. Let him wake up from the sedation. My father-in-law (who is a doctor) once said, “Whenever you can avoid being sedated, avoid it. There’s just always a chance you won’t wake up.” Funny how two little sentences caused me so much fear. So really I just wanted to skip today. But the Lord works all things together for good. Yesterday when the nurse called to give me the sedation instructions she put me on hold for a few minutes double checking if he was old enough to be sedated- the answer was yes. Well this morning, since I hadn’t nursed since 5 am, I pumped before we left for the hospital. A few minutes after registering they inform me he is too young to sedate- too young by one day. Praise God! Now they just want me to get him to sleep. yeah, right. I don’t have anything to feed him, he is starving and tired, there are bright lights everywhere, and it is noisy. So I got him to sleep about 6 times with him waking up to any movement. After an hour and a half and a lot of praying, he was asleep. Now on the walk down to the CT scan the nurse tells me that he cannot make the slightest movement or it will mess everything up, and we cannot do this scan twice because it is such a high level of radiation. “Ok, thank you. Now can you please tell me something that I might just have a little control over.” Really, what did she want me to do? Well, I prayed. and prayed. and prayed. I never stopped until that scan was over. He didn’t move a muscle! Such a miracle. We should get the results in 2-3 days. I’m not half as worried about the results as I was about the actual scan. 



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my things

We aren’t really Halloween people. Definitely not in the sense of decorating with skeletons or witches or anything scary. Karston and Kyrie would have never known that Halloween came and went but….. As their imaginations have grown they have been pretending to be so many things. I’ve been wanting to make them a whole list of costumes, but it just never gets up to the top of the list. Well, I decided the night before Halloween that this would be a good time to stop and make them a couple. So here are Thing 1 and Thing 2.














We just visited a handful of our neighbors and got more than enough candy. Kyrie started getting the hang of it- she would just reach out for the candy. However I don’t think they really understood it because the next day Karston  asked, “Can we go get some more candy from peoples’ houses?” Really what are we teaching our children?

And that night Mark thought I should have made Kanon a Thing 3 costume, but he got to where his pumpkin hat and ride in the sling.



* We had an Ear/Nose/Throat appt yesterday. We really didn’t find out much. He just wants a CT scan done. So we are combining that one with the one the neurologist wants of the skull. He has to be sedated for it which is making me really nervous. It will be one Tuesday. So any prayers said for us would be much appreciated.


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my little pumpkin

pumpkin hat

Isn’t he just the cutest pumpkin you’ve ever seen? I sure think he is. I love him.

Edited to add: This cute hat was purchased from etsy seller Gem’s Bowtique.

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