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Kanon’s Homemade Carnival

You all know I mentioned wanting to have a carnival for Kanon’s first birthday. Well, we did it. And it was a blast. 

Now before I share the pictures I want you to know that there were SO many things that weren’t finished in time for the party. This is not an unusual occurrence in my life; usually, as the party draws near I lose excitement and think that it would be better to just cancel the party instead of have it unfinished. And after the party, I usually think how wonderfully well it went, but it would have been better had it been all I had planned. Kind of a perfectionist like that. HOWEVER, that was not the case with this party. 

Now on to the photos. I’ll start with our carnival games. These pictures are not good at all, many blurry, but it’s all I have. Since I wasn’t going to have any family around at the party to help out, I was going to hire a girl to photograph the party, but that was one of the things that didn’t work out…. So look beyond the quality of the pictures please. 


bean bag toss

knock ’em down

pick a duck

make a match

face painting

strike a pose

The bean bag toss: made the day before the party out of three pieces of foam core, with a free hand circle cut out with a kitchen knife in each one, then wrapped in some wrapping paper I had in our giveaway collection in the basement, the three boards taped together and propped up with scrap wood

Super cute candy bean bags: courtesy of our neighbor

Knock ’em down: cans are empty yogurt containers that I started saving for this very game, once washed and dried Karston and Kyrie helped by putting a handful of beans in each container (to add a little weight so the wind wouldn’t knock them over), I then glued the lids on and spray painted them

The polka dots on the table: Karston and Kyrie’s creation (I tried to include them in party preparations just enough that they felt they had a part but not so much that they weren’t surprised by the party as well)

Pick a Duck: rubber ducks picked up on my second trip to a Super Wal-Mart in 2010, letters written with a sharpie on the bottom of each duck

Pick  a duck, tell me what letter is on the bottom, get a prize

The younger kids just loved playing with the ducks…and the water.

Make a Match: a classic memory game, I spray painted clothes pins a golden yellow, glued them to the poster board, in about 10 minutes on Friday afternoon, I drew and colored six pictures on the computer, printed them out, adhered red cardstock out of my stash to the backs of the pictures, cut them up, and arranged them under the clothes pins

The older kids enjoyed this game. 

Face Painting: face paint (!), jar of water, mirror for the kids to see their cheeks

I started out face painting. However, on one of my trips up to take care of something else, the kids started to paint each other’s faces. This turned out to be a genius idea. Why I didn’t think of it when Kyrie was painting her own face before the party started, I don’t know.

Strike a Pose: a red tablecloth which should have gone higher (and lower) adhered to the garage door about 10 minutes before the party, props included: silly glasses found in party section of Target, mustaches cut out off cardstock 2 minutes before the party, a headband with strips of cardstock folded in a zigzag and taped on made about 30 seconds before the party

This was A LOT of fun. Each family had their picture taken in the silly props!



The Prizes (no pictures):

glow-in-the-dark dinosaurs (pkg. of 8 in the dollar section at Target)

animal shaped foam capsules -you know, put the pill in the water and a shape appears (party section of Target)

glow stick bracelets (pkg. of 15 in the dollar section of Target)


The Food:

Hot Dogs

Mini Corn dogs 


Animal Crackers


Buttered Popcorn Jelly Bellies



This was my favorite part of the pre-party: “creating” the food table.

The stripes were made the afternoon of the party using duct tape. I would so be a person to paint a wall or stripes or a mural for a party, but since this is a rental, duct tape will have to work. Don’t they look so happy? I wanted to leave them up.


And you can’t forget….

The Cake:

Meg’s Rainbow Cake

It was a HUGE hit! People were surprised it actually tasted good. Hello, I’m not all about looks.

Do you think he enjoyed it? He ate the whole purple layer in one bite, and the rest of the piece, and then went after Kyrie’s. 


Wow that was a long post! We enjoyed celebrating Kanon, the year we’ve had with him, and the year we’ve made it through! 



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The BEST Corn on the Cob

One last summery side….

We love this time of year because our favorite corn is now in stock (in abundance) at our local farmer’s market. It is King White Corn- supposed to have a bigger kernel and be sweeter than Queen White Corn- and is the best corn we have ever tasted. We also cook it a certain way, and I thought I’d let you in on our delicious method.

Turn oven on to 400

Lay your corn out

Cut off any loose part of the husks. Keep your cutting to a minimum; you want to leave as much husk as possible.

Place directly on the oven rack and bake for 30 minutes. Cooking them in husks like this is supposed to give more flavor. Apparently the flavor is in the silks (the stringy parts of the husk) and cooking like this gives the corn the flavor from the silks. Even if this isn’t true, there’s something about cooking it like this that gives the corn more flavor.

**There is no need to set them this close to each other, but I was using my toaster oven because my regular one needed cleaning. 

While it cooks, gather these ingredients: butter, parmesan cheese, parsley flakes, and kosher salt.

Melt a little butter in a small dish. Sprinkle in some parmesan, parsley, and salt. Stir. I totally don’t measure for this.

Remove corn from the oven. They’re are usually not this brown; they will be brown just not this brown. Mine were browner than usual because, remember, I cooked them in the toaster oven and therefore set closer to the top of the oven.

At this point, you can peel off the husks and cut as usual. Or you can peel back the husks to use as a handle.

I go ahead and cut mine because it’s easier for the kids. Brush on your buttery topping and taste the best corn you’ve ever had!

Make sure you prepare A LOT. Everybody will want seconds. The little girl below could eat 6 ears herself.


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Summer Drink: Fruit Infused Water

Well, school started back up for the Mister yesterday. He’s been doing school all summer long (and all last year, and during winter break, and all last summer) so I really didn’t expect that much change yesterday. My children aren’t “school-age” yet so our school years are pretty similar to our summers and vice versa. However, I think I went into shock yesterday. I think I had already grown quite accustomed to having Mark around for a little break last week. Another set of hands to help with the kids, to play with them, to discipline them, to help me clean, and to get some projects done. My focus of: what project can we do now and mark off our list, didn’t quite flow into yesterday very well. We didn’t have a particularly bad day at all; in fact, I really can’t think of anything in particular that caused me to go into shock. Really. I was very, very dizzy for a good portion of yesterday. Which is why by 4:20 in the afternoon, I was letting my 11 month old eat chocolate fudge pudding. Pudding! I don’t even know what’s in that stuff! And not only that, but I was letting my 2 year old paint her arms with it. And the indicator that I was out of my mind: I didn’t even care. I wasn’t even dreading cleaning up the mess. I stood there watching them while I washed dishes and then took pictures of the scene. 

So while I’m in denial that school is starting back up, I’m going to present you with one last summer drink today, maybe a summer DIY tomorrow, and then maybe I’ll get on track and bring you some back-to-school stuff next week.

I’ve always wondered why restaurants serve lemon in water. I don’t like it, and I just didn’t get it. But while the Mr. and I were on our honeymoon in Mexico, we were served water with orange in it. And it was delicious! That got us thinking what else we could put in water. A quick google search for fruit infused water will bring up several recipes. There are ones with rosemary, and some with mint and others with all sorts of different fruits. We haven’t tried any of those because we just love this one so much:

2 slices of an orange

3 slices of a granny smith apple sprinkled with lemon juice

Fill with water and let steep overnight for full flavor. We have found that refilling it two or three times is a good amount. Either that or three days before you need to replace the fruit. I hope you enjoy it. 

Do you put anything special in your water? What’s been your go-to drink this summer?


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Summer Drink: Tea Lemonade or Arnold Palmer

This next drink comes from our trip to North Carolina. A year before we moved to Louisville, we thought we were moving to the South Carolina/North Carolina region. On our trip to check out the area, we had the privilege of staying with some great people. One of these was a delightful couple who had many great stories of some of their amazing travels. They also had some interesting food. One thing they served us was tea. I wasn’t too excited about it because I don’t like tea (gasp, I know), but I loved this! 


2/3 cup Lipton sweetened Iced Tea Mix

2/3 can of Lemonade concentrate


Add 2/3 cup Tea Mix

Add approximately 2/3 of the Lemonade Concentrate

Fill with water to the 2 quart mark.

Pour over a glass of ice and enjoy!

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Summer Drink: Naturally Sweetened Lemonade

I know summer is coming to a close for most of you with school starting back up and all, but the temperature outside lets me know that we’ve still got a little bit of summer left. It is HOT here in Kentucky. They weren’t lying when they told us last summer was an unusually cool one. Last year I could count on one hand the number of days the temperature went above 88 degrees. This year I could maybe count a couple of days where the temperature stayed below that 88 degree mark. 

It’s HOT. Like Texas hot. Karston and Kyrie won’t even play outside. With all this heat, we are drinking water ALL DAY long. Drink. Refill. Drink. Refill…..I love water, I do, but with drinking so much of I tend to crave a flavor every once in a while. So I’m going to share a few of our family’s go to drinks from the summer. 

Our first is simply lemonade. However this lemonade is sweetened with white grape juice instead of sugar. It lets the natural sugar take care of things.


one can White Grape Juice concentrate

one can Lemon Juice concentrate (maybe a little less for fresh lemons)

five cans water

That’s it!

We were going to use  store bought lemon juice, but I remembered my sister had given me a lemon juicer for Christmas that I had yet to use. So we decided to use fresh lemons and squeeze our own. Such a good decision. The kids loved the process. 

Pour the White Grape Juice concentrate into your pitcher.

Then use the empty can to measure one can of lemon juice. **If using fresh lemons, I would start with 3/4 can and then add more to taste after the water is added.

Then add 1…2…3…4…5 cans of water.

Stir and Enjoy!!

more to come tomorrow

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In lieu of

our weekend in photos, I present to you: Our Cow Family

(saying “moo”)

How cute is that baby tail?

Well we proved to Chick-fil-a that we were no chickens and got free breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That’s right three full meals. We made a day of it and have so many good memories to look back on. Karston’s excitement kept him up pretty late Thursday night. Thursday day I let the kids paint spots on their shirts and told them I would finish their costumes after they went to sleep. Here are some quotes from Karston as he lay in bed in anticipation for Friday.

“We’re gonna be a family of cows!”

“I am so excited!”

“Mommy, can you make me horns?”

“And a nose and mouth. I want a cow nose and mouth.”

“Oh, and I want milk.”

Me: “Milk? You mean an udder?”

Karston: “Yeah! An udder! I want an udder.”

Me: “I’ll see. I’m not sure I’ll have time to make you an udder.”

Made me laugh. And no, I didn’t have time for an udder. I made shorts for Karston and a skirt for Kyrie out of an old white sheet I had. Spots on a onesie for The Manon. Spots on a white t-shirt and black construction paper spots taped onto long underwear pants for Mark. Spots on a drop waist dress with ruffles around the collar made out of two white t-shirts for me. I actually really liked the style of my dress and plan on making me some more (in non-cow print fabric of course). We all wore cow tails made out of braided black and white yarn. We also printed out the cow ears off of Chick-fil-a’s website and taped them to headbands we already had. SOOO much fun. I’m already thinking of costumes for next year!

I also DID NOT have to go into a gas station to prepay for gas dressed like a cow. And the guy behind me DID NOT ask me, “What is it dairy day at work?” And I totally DID NOT give the guy a look and say, “Umm, no it’s free food at Chick-fil-a, of course.”

I also DID NOT have to answer the door to the mailman dressed like a cow. And I DID NOT have to turn around and show him my cow tail as I was running to the kitchen to grab a bill I needed mailed…….


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Cow Appreciation Day

is tomorrow, July 9, 2010 at Chick-fil-a. Just thought I’d let you know. Dressing like a cow from head to toe is a bit more intensive than wearing your pajamas, but it is free food! And this time, if you dress from head to toe, you get the whole meal free not just an entree. We are currently making our cow costumes. Karston keeps saying, “I can’t wait to be a cow!”

Oh, and if you go to Chick-fil-a’s website they have cow ears, nose, spots, and tail that you can print out and tape to your clothes.

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