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Catching up!

Wow it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. So much has happened since then. Let’s see if I can get you up to speed. 



Went and visited a friend who just had a baby boy two days after Kyrie’s birthday. He was so sweet, and I’m told he has been a wonderful baby thus far. And we totally love his name. It was, and still is, on our list of names for a boy.



Went to the zoo with some friends. Karston’s shoes fell off (I didn’t want him to outgrow them in 2 weeks) 3 times before we even saw the first animal so I let him go barefoot. Once the path started getting more brush on it and after several pokes (boys are supposed to be scraped up, right?) I decide to try the shoe thing again. Only to find NO shoes in the stroller. Where did they go? There is no way they could have fallen out; They were crammed in there with the diaper bag with no way of escape. Two: if they had fallen out wouldn’t we have tripped over them? Anyways, now for backtracking. We did and along the way I ask a zookeeper if they are found where they would be taken. He tells me he just saw some at the otters. And before we make it over there (we are walking with a four year old and 2 two year olds) he has time to walk over and meet us back where we were. They’re found! On to see the rest of the animals. We had lots of fun being with our friends.




Don’t remember what we did. That’s why I should have been blogging!

Oh, I do remember that was the day I asked Karston, “Do you want to take a ride on Thomas?”

“I too big,” was the reply. 

“Well, what if there was a big Thomas? Do you want to meet Nonna and Papa and go ride on Thomas?”


And he woke up from his nap ready to go. And I had to tell him that he had to sleep one more time. We were going to go after night sleep not day sleep.



Day Out with Thomas

As you can see there was LOTS for us to do! They loved it all- except when Kyrie was frightened by Sir Topham Hat. I actually felt awful the whole day. Completely car sick from the drive to the train depot. And then the train ride didn’t help much. But it was so worth it! To hear Karston, gasp, “There’s the big Thomas!” with his eyes widened was so fun to see. And Kyrie loved hanging on to the bar of the train window to look out…all while bouncing up and down on Papa’s lap. It was a good day.



All woke up feeling a little under the weather. Sore throats. Runny noses. Stuffy heads. Mark was the worst.

Went to church.

The children DID NOT take naps.

Went to the park that evening where we met a sister in Christ all the way from Poland. We had a delightful conversation!


Mark awakes sick. Stays in bed most of day.

I feel like superwoman. I get so much done. So much cleaning. So much time with the kids. Had friends over. I love it when you get so much accomplished. When you know there is Someone working through you, because it is far above what you are capable of. 


Mark still sick.

Didn’t accomplish as much as on Monday. 

Opened the windows because we are having amazing weather.


I wake up feeling sick. Thought I was going to miss the sickness. Guess not.

Got even less accomplished than on Tuesday. 

Slept when the children slept. And even when they didn’t (don’t worry, it was in the morning so Mark was watching them)

Started reading an awesome book that my wonderful husband picked up for me in the sale section of the book store.


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I just had to share these cute pictures. Karston and Kyrie got these cute “bones” pajamas from their Nonna and Papa. This was from the first time they wore them. Kyrie slept in hers, but Karston was too scared to sleep in them (they glow in the dark!). But he wanted to put them on first thing in the morning. And so they wore them to the chiropractor’s office where they were a HUGE hit! In these pictures I was really trying to photograph them playing with hats, but those bones just stick out and make me smile.


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Makes Me Happy Monday

Picking up the rest of my 50% off fabric (from last Monday) that was supposed to take 2-4 weeks to arrive, but came in four days! Praise God I didn’t pay $9 to get it shipped in 3-5 days even though I really wanted to. I knew there was no way I would finish the project in 2 weeks anyways. I’ll let you know what the project is as soon as I’m finished. 

I’m also super excited as I look over these cute kitchen accessories. 

They are miniature. And I am so excited about our project of building Karston and Kyrie a play kitchen. One that is made how we like it. Wooden and NOT plastic! One that is made with love. One that has a story. And now, we have a friendly competition with some friends of ours. It was such fun going to IKEA together and picking out accessories to go in our kitchens. We went with the intent of building this play kitchen. I know! Is that not the cutest play kitchen or what. However, upon arrival we found that it was much smaller than we had imagined. Still love the idea, but now we are building the wooden part all ourselves to our own specifications. I can’t wait to see how each of ours turns out.

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She’s One

And she is so cute. She is acting so grown up. She climbs everywhere: up really steep slides, onto the middle of the glass table, up the step stool to play in the kitchen sink. I’m telling you – she’s fast. And she will try to climb anything. She also loves shoes. I didn’t know it would start this early, but she LOVES wearing her shoes. She finds them, brings them to me, then holds her foot up for me to put them on her. And then- she smiles the biggest smile and giggles the happiest little giggle. They are really cute shoes though, I’ll have to take a picture for you. She also loves eating “big people” food. I give it to her then she looks at it and then looks at me, smiles, and then laughs a little “ha” laugh….like she doesn’t think she supposed to be allowed to eat this food, but she’s getting to. It really is so cute, and I love her so very much. She has been giving me the sweetest kisses lately. Oh, and she does all of this without walking. Yes she can climb anything but walk? Not quite. She’s so close though. Just imagine what she’ll be doing once she can walk! Here’s some pictures from her party last Saturday. It was such a great little party with our families and two families of friends.


These were her invitations I made.


The paper goods that were really only used for the cake because it was too windy to eat our food off the plates.



So here’s the cake. I was trying to be all creative in a baking sort of way so I got a white chocolate ganache recipe from my sister, who is in pastry school. Yeah, well I should have written the recipe down because on the night before her birthday when I had a question Calli was at work and unable to answer the phone. I resorted to google which gave me incorrect directions. Opposite in fact. So at 1 a.m. I made a trip to HEB to buy icing in a container. The ganache tasted great and had I just waited until morning it would have been the correct consistency. I was just too impatient (actually I knew there was no way I could decorate a cake while children were awake!).  So I think it turned out ok. Not any masterpiece of a cake. But a cake of a mommy who loves her little girl, right?


And I have been wanting a reason to use these adorable tissue balls. They’re from Martha Stewart’s kit at Wal-Mart. I know they have it at Michael’s too, but the one at Wal-Mart has five tissue balls (I think the one at Michael’s has seven), and I thought that was plenty. Actually I only made three because they looked huge in our living room. Once we got to the lake, I wished I had made all five. I definitely remember those pavilions being smaller. Oh, well. I still enjoyed the ones we had.  (Please disregard the chipping paint on the pavilion in the background. That was out of my control.)


And here is the beautiful banner that my mom made for Kyrie! I love it! She made one for Karston when he was born, but hadn’t made one for Kyrie yet. We didn’t know her name until after she was born. Now we just need to pick a spot in the nursery to hang that beautiful banner.


Enjoying her cake. And she did enjoy it.



The birthday girl playing in the sand.


Her brother.



Our sweet friends!


Papa with the birthday girl.

Nonna with the birthday girl.


And we had a surprise at the birthday party.

Yes, we had two huge inflatables at our party for our own use for FREE! I saw them as we were driving up, and I thought now I’m going to have to explain to all the kids that I just thought they would want to play in the sand and water and that those weren’t for our party. Really wasn’t looking forward to that. But much to our surprise, they were used for a company party earlier that day and we were given permission to use them for our party until the people came to pick it up at 7. The kids and adults alike loved it. Such a blessing!


We loved the party. It was so peaceful and relaxing. But more importantly we love that girl that the party was for. May we be blessed with many more years with her.




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The week so far

We haven’t done much this week. Just trying to get things back in order after Kyrie’s birthday which went really well. I should have pictures up soon. We’ve been enjoying these flowers this week.




My father-in-law picked them up for me while he was in town this past weekend. I love flowers. And I thought she looked so cute in her little sweater tonight.


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Makes Me Happy Monday

Fabric that was 40% off but was marked down to 50% off for today only!

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Change of Plans and A Prayer Request

Well we did have quite the busy week/weekend scheduled, and I was actually so excited about it. However, one at a time our guests called saying their plans had changed making our schedule get less and less busy. At first I was sad, but the Lord knows better than I. I woke this morning with a sore throat, headache, sinus pain, and an achy body. I don’t  think I’m sick, just tired. And I was all of sudden thankful that our schedule had been minimized and my list of what I wanted to get done before family arrives for Kyrie’s birthday quickly shortened. I am very excited about tomorrow; we have been anticipating it all week. I love the excitement that has been going through the house counting down the days until visitors, eating cake, and building sand castles.

On another note, I would like to ask you to pray for Ashley. She is the cutest little girl. Her family attends the church that I grew up in, and they are just the sweetest little family. Ashley has been struggling with multiple health problems since she was born. She is a transplant patient who went into rejection last year and had to live in Nebraska away from the rest of the family (her mom stayed with her) for months. She is in the hospital now (in TX), and some of the doctors are thinking she might be in rejection again. The tests will be further analyzed by her transplant team in Nebraska. I ask first that you pray against her being in rejection. And second, that if she is in rejection, that the Lord would show Himself to this family, holding them together as He has in the past that His Name may be glorified!

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