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Still no tutorial

I hate to do this. If I say I’m going to do something I really try to do it. However, I am still fighting a sore throat/ear aches/cough, and I am now taking care of 2 (mainly just 1) children with stomach troubles. It has left no time to write up a scarf tutorial. The Lord had different plans for my week!

But really there is no need for me to do a tutorial. A scarf can be crocheted using all double stitches that you can learn using the link I gave you on Monday. Just crochet as many chain stitches as you have to to get the width you want and then start your double stitches on the fourth chain stitch in. I don’t know how to finish it off or weave the tail of the yarn back in. I just knot it and cut it. I’m sure anybody who really knows how to crochet/knit just cringed at that last sentence. 

My advice:

*practice several rows of stitches before starting your scarf (your stitches will become more uniform and even over time)

*count at first (sometimes you might try and make a stitch where one shouldn’t be or skip one, so it is a good idea to count your stitches per row)

Sorry again for not having better instructions. You should try and make a scarf anyways! It’s for a good reason.


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A morning of playing with PlayDoh (for the first time with the real thing, instead of homemade) while listening to Vivaldi.

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Craft Hope {project 6}

I mentioned Craft Hope for Haiti last week. I wanted to let you know that Craft Hope has projects going on all the time. Right now they are on project # 6 . In project 6 they have teamed with Orphan Foundation of America. The project is crocheting or knitting red scarves that will be sent out in care packages to students that have aged out of the foster system. Craft Hope has a free pattern for a scarf if you already know how to knit. My plan was to post a tutorial for those of you who do not know how to crochet or knit. However, I woke up sick on Saturday and have been wiped out ever since. So I will leave you with these links for now. You can make a whole scarf with just these two stitches!

The Slip Knot

Chain Stitch

Double Crochet Stitch

So go to the craft store and grab some yarn and crochet hooks and practice these stitches. Hopefully before the week’s over I can show you how to make a scarf!

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Join Me

Here is our couch.

It was given to us. And we are very thankful. It is a wonderfully comfortable couch with full down cushions. However, the lines of the couch are not necessarily my style and the fabric is definitely not. So we thought about selling it and using that money to go towards another couch. But, this was (and still is) a very fine piece of furniture that retails for more than I can ever foresee us spending on a couch in our lifetime. So we decided to work with what we had. I found some fabric on sale at Joann’s- that was over a year and a half ago- and planned on redoing the cushions and making a slipcover for the base.

A couple of weeks ago while talking to one of our dear friends in Waco, she asked if I had finished the couch. And it made me so sad to answer no. It made me ask myself, “Why isn’t it finished?”  Is it because it seems like such a huge project? Is it because I haven’t made time to do it? Because really this couch sticks out like a sore thumb in every picture. I try to avoid it (in photos) if at all possible. So I was inspired. Inspired to finish. And I’m bringing you along for the ride whether you like it or not.

My plan was to finish the back 3 cushions last week and the bottom 3 this week, and then spend 2 weeks on the base. But only one got done last week. And the other 2 back ones were finished this week. So every Friday I will post a picture of our couch (even if nothing changes) until it is finished! Here’s our couch today. Two weeks after I started.


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I am sure you all have been praying for all the people in Haiti. Whenever some disaster hits or even if one (or more) of my friends is going through a hard time I always have this urge to help. This urge to drive to Arkansas to take care of a dear friend and her family as they survive through a hard pregnancy. An urge to write a check to a family that needs it. And an urge to fly a plane myself and go pick up all those children in Haiti. It’s obvious all of these desires are unrealistic. The one thing I can do is pray. Which, if I’m honest, used to seem like the second best thing to do – like, “well, since I can’t do this I guess I’ll just pray.” But it is not JUST praying. And it is NOT second best. It is the BEST thing I can do. I have really fallen in love with praying for people. And not just, “please, be with the people in Haiti,” but specific things. It is good to pray specifics. The Lord hears our prayers. So I want to share a couple of specifics things you could be praying about in regards to the Haiti earthquake. The first is cut from an e-mail received from our church. The parents of one of our church members runs an orphanage in Haiti. I have left out names because I didn’t know if it was okay to post them.

“We have one nanny that is deceased and the orphanage needs her body to be removed.

The orphanage has no drinkable water.

In addition they need:

formula for babies


IV fluids (one child is currently on an IV)

charcoal to cook


cash to buy supplies if they find them. They are running out of cash and there are no banks open to get cash, so it needs to be delivered by someone already on the ground or by helicopter.


Others are beginning to rob them of what supplies they do have.

There are helicopters flying over the orphanage and they have made a sign on the roof that says they are an orphanage and need help.

The staff is also working to get together all the paperwork for each child that has an adoptive family in a way that it can be attached to their body if there is an opportunity to evacuate.”


Since this e-mail we have received word that they have received help from the Salvation Army and that 30 UN soldiers arrived. Praise God! I am still not sure of the evacuation of the children. Please keep this orphanage in your prayers.

Another specific request come through a friend who sent an e-mail on behalf of a family in her city. Again not knowing what I can share I will simply share this.

There is a 12 year old boy that legally belongs to a family in Arkansas. He was supposed to be with them 6 months ago. But the system is corrupt. They have received word that he survived. Please pray that he will be found and united with his family in the States.


Thank you all for your prayers. Now, please leave a comment if you know of specific ways we can be praying for the people of Haiti. May His Kingdom be furthered!


Edited to add: The 12 year old boy is now with his parents!  Thank you for your prayers.

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Craft Hope for Haiti

Craft Hope is a great organization that I have wanted to share with yall for a while now. They are continually putting great projects out there, but today I want to share what they are doing for Haiti. They have been collecting hand crafted items that crafters all over the world have so generously donated, and they have set up an etsy shop to sell all of these wonderful items. They have already had over 800 sales, and I believe they have now reached the $10,000 mark. ALL of the money is going to Doctors Without Borders to aid in the relief of the people in Haiti. They are constantly adding new listings so check back often to see if anything catches your eye. I donated a Custom Bouncy Seat finished in the buyers choice of fabric. It should be listed in a few days (they have so many donations- they are working as fast as they can). Here’s a picture of our bouncy seat.

So go check out Craft Hope. Buy something. Or make and donate something (they stop accepting donations this evening). If you want to make something but can’t do it by tonight, read this post. I’m sure you all know, the people of Haiti will need help for years. I will post later with some specific ways that we can be praying. 



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The Prize and the Winner!

First let me say that I loved reading all your comments. There were so sweet, thoughtful, funny, and generous! I smiled when I read some, got teary eyed on others, and laughed out loud on a couple. I got to see glimpse’s of your giving hearts, and I loved it. There will definitely be more giveaways in the future- this was way too fun!

And now for the prize! I really did have several ideas before I posted the giveaway, but Mark told me I was setting myself up for a letdown by not showing you the prize when I announced the giveaway. So then that made me nervous. But yall will still be my friends even if it’s no good right? I tried to think about what this blog is about….which is really just our life. And sewing is a part of my life. So I decided to challenge myself to try a new pattern. I’m good at sewing and making up my own patterns but not necessarily good at following them. So I made the “I’ll Take One of Everything Bag” from my Seams to Me book by Anna Maria Horner.

And here’s me trying to figure out the pattern and what fabric I was going to use. There wasn’t time to order any online, and since I’m flying solo this week (as solo as me + 3 kids can be) while Mark is away for a seminary class, going to the fabric store was out of the question. 

And here’s the outcome!

And oh, what’s that inside? Why it’s a $25 Sephora gift card!

And now for the winner! I really wanted you all to win! So at 1:00 (because I realized yall are in Central Time Zone while we are in Eastern) my time I printed out the comments.

And then cut

And then put in a hat for Karston and Kyrie to draw from.

And they drew……….

(I am purposefully trying to drag this post out)

Tess!!!!! Congratulations!!! And she is right, Stepping Heavenward is a MUST READ. (That was one of my ideas of a prize)! Hope you enjoy your new bag! It should get to you soon! Have a happy weekend everybody!


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