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Photo Shoot

I love taking pictures. Especially of my children. We have thousands from the three year span that we’ve been parents. And I still don’t think we take enough. Ever since Karston was born I have loved doing little “photo shoots.” Nothing fancy just different than the everyday shots we regularly take. As time has past these little photo shoots have become more and more sparse, especially ones with just Kyrie. So a week ago, when we were all a little stir crazy (it rains A LOT here) + nothing was being accomplished at home + it had just stopped raining, I decided it was a great time to put Kyrie in the adorable linen outfit my mom bought her last year +head down the street and check out a house/garden + snap some pictures. It is often a struggle for me to remain calm throughout the photo shoot. I have so many pictures in my head, and they aren’t posed ones either, that it is hard for me when I don’t get it just right. So on this day, I went with no preconceived notions of what pictures I would get (which was good since the attitudes were not very good). However, I did not expect to have camera issues and became very frustrated…so I am planning on going back (it was beautiful) to grab some more shots. Even with the camera issues, I managed to get a good amount of pictures. I only have a few to share right now because my computer is goofing up and I can’t get my pictures to open. But here’s a few!









Kyrie(my favorite)

(so Kyrie)


KarstonAnd you have to have one of Karston!





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Things We Miss

Our friends

Our freshly ground honey roasted peanut butter (although we may have found a replacement this past week)

Hill Country Faire Honey Nut O cereal (stays crispier longer than Cheerio’s- just please don’t look at the sodium content)

HEB Texas shaped tortilla chips (and no it’s not just the shape we miss (although Texas does have a much better shape than Kentucky) they are saltier)

HEB in general (the balloons, suckers, and buddy bucks for the kids; the double seated shopping cart for me)

Leal’s (Mexican restaurant that was around the corner from our home in Woodway. They have the best breakfast tacos.)

I don’t think it’s because I’m pregnant that all we seem to miss is food, but I’m sure it doesn’t help. Really that first line is what we miss the most. Our friends. And what that means. The food shared. The crafting together. The park outings. The conversation. The encouraging. The edifying. The help. The laughs. The cries. The ease. While we have met several families here that are so sweet and, I’m sure, will be great friends in time, we miss all the things about our Waco friends. Our friendships have not ended but, they have changed. We miss the Jespersens coming over on Thursdays. I miss Monthly Mom’s Night discussions over coffee with some of the most amazing women I know. We miss the Martins- walking down to their house anytime we wanted. Playing with their train table and tricycles even after we got our own. All the meals eaten at that house. I miss having Alissa come and help me do whatever I needed. I miss talking crafts and creating with Diane. And Stacy giving me sewing tips and teaching me to smock. We miss our church. Mr. Brent and Mrs. Lisa’s ranch with Clark the donkey. And we miss our Sundays with the Gunns. Either at the park or their house.

We look forward to all the new relationships we have to form. It takes time, and I’m sure in just a short while we will be saying these things about more friends. Friends here. But I haven’t decided which saddens me more: missing our friends now, or having a Sunday pass where we don’t have the thought, “wanna call the Gunns and go to the park?” I don’t ever want to forget our friends and the time we had with them. They are so very special.

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I have a tendency to put too much on my to do list. I guess I am not a very good judge of time/time it takes to finish something. So last week I thought I was being very realistic with what I wanted to accomplish for the week. I thought I had made a bare minimum of a list, but I thought that would be good because then I could complete my list. Boy was I wrong! I barely completed ONE thing on my list. Now mind you this was a “somewhat big” project list so it wasn’t things like “wash the dishes” or “do a load of laundry.” However, I think I am still a little amazed at just how much I misjudged what is doable for a week. So instead of moving on to the projects that I thought I would be working on this week, I am finishing up last week’s list with a much smaller goal to move on to IF I finish last week’s list.

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english muffin breakfast pizzas

That is what the past day and a half have consisted of. And there’s still more to go. I’m trying to make as many meals before our baby boy comes so I won’t have to focus on cooking/meal planning once he is here. Mark’s fall semester starts right before the due date. We don’t have a “community group” to bring us meals since we just moved. There are going to be visitors. Those are just a few reasons why I wanted to prepare ahead of time. So after two days of planning which made my head hurt, we took a family trip to Wal-Mart and Sam’s to gather all the ingredients. I think it was then that I started to wonder what I had gotten myself into. But the Lord has been gracious, and Mark has helped SOO much. Currently in the freezer we have:

2 containers of chicken surprise soup

4  chicken pot pies

54 english  muffin breakfast pizzas

with many other dishes in progress as I type. 

And we’ve decided to be a little fun with some of our cooking. Karston’s favorite part of the chicken pot pie is the crust (isn’t everyone’s?). So with the extra crust we decided to make designs on the top. I made a heart, star, and a “K”. Karston design of choice? 

tractor chicken pot pie


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32 weeks


Actually tomorrow to be exact. Where did this pregnancy go? I guess it does feel it was ages ago that I was so sick all I could do was to lay around in between the bathroom visits. But really where did the time go? I have had so much going on that I haven’t had time to really focus on the pregnancy. Unlike being pregnant with Karston where that is all I did. I would drop everything every time he would start moving and just feel him. I do believe it is one of the best feelings in the world. Feeling that little life, that soul, moving, stretching, flipping, dancing around inside you. But just because I can’t drop everything with this baby doesn’t mean I don’t feel him move. He has BIG movements. There is no being distracted with other things that you don’t notice if he moves or not. He has the biggest movements out of all my babies thus far. Everyday a foot or hand will travel all the way across my belly visible from the outside. He contorts my stomach in so many different ways. And I keep saying “he” because yes we are having a boy! We are so very excited. I guess I never announced it because if you see us in person then you know we thought he was a boy from the beginning. We would have kept it a surprise (to us) except that I really didn’t feel it was a surprise. That’s how sure I was that he was a boy. This pregnancy has been so much like Karston’s and so unlike Kyrie’s. We can’t wait to meet this new little person (who has a first name but no middle so I can’t tell yet). We all love him so much already.


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Dream Sweetly


I’ve always wondered what my children are dreaming about. As a newborn before they really “see” anything, then a little older. Is it family? Or animals? Or the books we’ve read? Upon waking I’ve always asked Karston and Kyrie, “Did you have good dreams?” Kyrie is still in the “uh huh” or “yes” or a shake of the head stage. Karston has been through that and then through the “bugs” answer. Everyday that was his answer. Bugs. Really? I wasn’t sure if he really did dream about bugs or not. How was he supposed to answer? I mean, how do you even learn what a dream is? And if you don’t know what it is, how do you answer? We would try our best to explain dreaming, but the answer remained bugs. Well, lately we’ve gotten some different answers. Last night he dreamed “about a chicken that got hurt sleeping in a bed. There were two other chickens, but they didn’t get hurt because they were sleeping in a crib. But the mama was sleeping on a very high bed that was broken, and she got hurt.” Oh, how I love hearing about his dreams. I wish I could see them. See what his mind sees. His dreams are growing right along with his wonderful imagination. I can’t wait until he rushes to draw them for me before they flee his mind. Because you know how quickly dreams leave. Dream sweetly my dear children. I want to hear all about them.

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She’s doing it

all by herself. Potty training that is. Kyrie has been more than ready to potty train for SEVERAL months now. She would always tell me when she needed to go and then run to the potty. She loved to sit on the potty and then wipe. She only went once though as it was just more of a fun thing to do. I wasn’t ready…..I had morning sickness and packing, and then we were on hiatus in Longview with no normal schedule or living situation and now we’re here in Louisville and things haven’t gotten completely settled. So I was planning on waiting. I was thinking in the next couple of weeks we could do it- thoughts being that we would be more settled + it would give us a little time before the baby arrives and life changes once again. But Kyrie had different plans and decided that today she would start going on the potty. I’m so happy for her. She went SO many times today and loved wearing her princess panties.


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