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12 days


It’s just a little less than two weeks since he’s been here with us, and we already love him so much. I’m loving all the snuggling, the warm body sleeping by me at night, the new baby smell (one of the best), and just all the loving that is going on in our house. Kanon has been a pro at nursing from the get go, he’s a great sleeper, and he tolerates all the hugs and kisses from his big brother and sister just beautifully. I think Karston is the one who gives him the most kisses. He always wants to know, “Where’s Kanon?” or “Is Kanon okay?” or “Can I go check on Kanon?” He is such a good big brother. I knew he would do great. He did with Kyrie. He is such a sweet boy. Kyrie loves Kanon too, just much more loudly. She likes to squeal and sing and jump for him. She’s gotten a lot better at the whole gentle thing. She loves to cover him up or rub his head or tickle his feet. My favorite is when she rubs his head and then lays her head on his. There’s just a whole lotta lovin’ going on here all day. And even more when Daddy comes home!



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The Arrival

The birth of Karston was early (36 weeks) and quick. Looking back, it is now evident that it would have been much quicker if it weren’t for some unnecessary medical care.  With Kyrie it was much, much quicker. Longer pregnancy (39 weeks); shorter labor (born 20 minutes after arriving at the hospital). Well, this pregnancy followed the pattern. This was the longest I have ever been pregnant- 39 weeks 6 days. Knowing how quick my labors are, I tried finding a midwife for a homebirth. But with certain laws about midwives in Kentucky, it is really hard to come by one. I found a few, but for various reasons was unable to get one. My next choice was a midwife that delivered in a hospital- that too didn’t work out. So the next and only option left was to go with an ob/gyn – and that also didn’t work. I spent so many hours calling different offices and nobody would take me that far into my pregnancy. So our plan was to just go to the hospital and use whoever was on call.  I had moments where this worried me or I wondered if anything was wrong, but for the most part I was at ease with the whole thing. I knew the Lord would bring how He would want him to be brought. With that plan in mind, I knew as soon as labor started I wanted to head up to the hospital to allow as much time as possible to contact the doctor and call. So around 12:30 am on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning I awoke to the same contractions I had been waking up to for the past month or so. I went to the bathroom and got back in bed. Then at 12:55, I woke Mark up. The contractions were very painful. He asked if I wanted to take a hot shower while he timed the contractions. It sounded great, but after a few minutes I decided we should just go ahead and go. Mark gathered our things. My mom woke up (she had driven up the Saturday before) and Kyrie woke up; they sent us off in the car around 1:15 am. I don’t really think this needs to be said, but the car drive was no fun at all. The last two contractions in the car I was feeling the need to push. After missing our exit, we pulled up to the ER (where I thought he was going to be born in the waiting room) where a nurse was just walking in from a break. She grabbed a wheelchair and met us at the door. She wheeled me up while Mark stayed down to register me. (And yes at that point I thought I would be delivering Kanon without Mark there) My mom had called ahead to let the nurses know we were coming. So as soon as the elevator doors opened there was a nurse waiting to take me into the room. All the other nurses were spaced out in a line from the elevator to my room. They were the best nursing staff I’ve had so far. They were so calm. And if you can imagine them calmly undressing you in about 2 seconds, then that is what happened as I was walking to the bed. I got in the bed and immediately needed to push. The one nurse that was left told me to breath through two more contractions. I tried. Then in walked Mark. And in walked the midwife. And in two pushes Kanon was born. At 1:44 am – 9 minutes after walking through the emergency room doors and 2 minutes after walking into my room, he was here. so fast. The Lord worked every detail out perfectly. I even had the midwife I wanted to have. I feel so very blessed.


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He’s Here!


Kanon John arrived early Wednesday morning. 1:44 am to be exact. He is our biggest baby so far weighing in at 8 lbs 9 oz and measuring 22 inches long!




There’s already been so much loving on him.



And I can’t imagine our family without him.


……..birth story to come

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