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She did it

She climbed out of her crib. And was down on floor. With the lights on. With her brother. Playing with all their toys. That they dumped out. 

Good thing this mommy was upstairs next to the window unit and couldn’t hear a thing. Their daddy was the one in the basement wondering what was going on above him. He took care of it all. And that’s good because I’m not sure if I would have laughed or cried when I walked in to see that sight. 

Please Lord. Not yet. We’re in no rush to graduate her to a “big” bed. (Even though we did that back in Woodway with easy transition and great results. We have regressed.) We want to keep her in.


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Happy Anniversary

Horse and Carriage


In Flowers




My dearest beloved, four years ago today we were in full swing of all our wedding activities. I can still remember what I was doing at this exact time- getting my hair done (and catching a quick nap in the process). Then I was off to another salon to fix my damaged nail. Of all the nails- my ring finger nail. The memories are still so crisp in my mind. It’s so fun to think back to that day. Our life feels so quick, I’m not often allowed time to relish in those memories. We have done so much and been so many places in these four years. Our third baby continues to grow inside of me. Counting our initial move in together, we have moved six times. We are now living in a new state with no friends or family yet. We are starting a new school. It’s been exciting. And so comforting to know that the Lord knew every single thing we would do. Have we not seen His hand so lovingly caring for us the whole way? And He knows exactly what adventures there are to come. I can’t wait to travel them with you. I love you more than I’ll ever be able to say.

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The much anticipated package arrived.

Karston opening G&G

Grabber and Gripper from Bob the Builder was delivered this morning via the mailman. Karston was so excited. He knew exactly what was in that package. He has been waiting- long. A late birthday present from his Doc (grandpa) that traveled here all the way from England. Doc loves Karston so much. Karston played with them ALL day long. This mommy got so much done! 

cleaning carcleaning out the car

(including washing floor mats and car seat covers)


weedingweeding the flower bed and concrete cracks


laundrya couple loads of laundry




wacom drawinghaving fun drawing on my Wacom that I got for my birthday back in February but have yet to use due to morning sickness/moving. lots of fun just goofing off


We also received another package from the Fed Ex man (aren’t packages great!) full of shoes for Karston and Kyrie to grow into bought by their Nonna. 

Mark got all his books unpacked!!! If  you’ve seen how many books we have then you know what a big task that is. His office is now in more of a state inductive to thinking clearly.

He also hung the kids’ chalkboard and book rack for me. And moved some shelves into the dining room. 

I don’t think I can remember I day when I got so much accomplished. Not without babysitters, kids’ friends over, or while on caffeine anyways. And yes, I say on caffeine because it does something because it is a drug. You should see how it alters my day. I feel like superwoman when “on” it. It’s just coffee though; I’ve never noticed caffeine in sodas or anything else having any effect on me. And I only started to like coffee while pregnant with Kyrie….always iced. Since then I have also begun to drink it hot. It is not an everyday thing for me. Yet. Maybe I should. Just think of what I could get done. I just praise God for the productive day He gave us. It was all by His grace. 



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Hello 3

Hello my dearest Karston. I find it hard to believe 3 years have passed since you were born; It feels like so long ago yet just like yesterday at the same time. It is hard to remember what life was like before you. Your Daddy and I love you so much, and you teach us so much everyday. You teach us how to love deeply and unconditionally, to always forgive, to have patience, to be silly, and to enjoy what we’ve been given. I love your imagination. I love the way you already protect your sister and your Mommy. I love your bear hugs, your silly faces, the songs you sing, and the way you dance. You’ve gotten so good at playing “hiding places” and building puzzles. I love hearing you sing Holy Holy Holy. You are such a joy to us and through you God has made us more like Him- sanctifying us. And I praise Him for that! 

I hope you had a wonderful day on your birthday. Mommy was sad that we weren’t going to be with any of the friends or family that love you so much. It is always fun to celebrate with those you love and who love you. But we had a great day hanging out together as a family. And know that there is One who loves you more than all of us on this earth ever can, and He was with us because “Karston, where is God?” “Everywhere! Even in Tucky.”  Karston, it is our prayer that you grow up to love the Lord. It is all that matters. Welcome to 3 sweet boy, I hope you have a wonderful year. 


birthday pancakes




birthday kiss




monkey cake

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Proficiency to Come

There is an absolutely wonderful farmer’s market every saturday about a mile down from our house. Today was our first visit. I have never been to what I would consider a true farmer’s market. I anticipated that I would be overwhelmed. And that was so very true. When there are 5 + stands that sell beef how do you know which one to go to? How do you pick which stand to go to for honey? Or bread? Or strawberries? Oh, and what is bee pollen used for? I think I’ll ask next week. So we really had no goals for what we wanted to find/buy – main objective: take it all in – explore. I think we did just that . We had a wonderful time. I was a little surprised that there weren’t more vegetables.  A lot of the leafy variety, a few zucchini, lots of strawberries and that was about it. Also lots of eggs (made me think of our friends the Gunns and wonder if they’ve gotten any eggs yet). There were lots of flowers- really pretty ones too. Also surprised by the number of tents with just one specific item- such as grilling marinades. There were lots of things see and taste, and while I don’t think it will be much of a money saver in the produce section, it will be fun to go and get a  few treats. Here’s what we came away with today.


Farmer's Market goodies

1 pint strawberries

1/2 dozen eggs

1 small (but large) bag of freshly popped kettle corn- absolutely amazing!

1 loaf chocolate brownie bread

Also enjoyed while there.

     1 bottle Havana mojito cola

     2 pretzel sticks rolled in chocolate, peanut butter, & nuts

     Samples of cinnamon chip bread and granola

So while we didn’t get anything that we were expecting, we had a wonderful time as a family with lots of treats included. And I plan on becoming a proficient farmer’s market shopper very soon.

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This sweet boy

newborn baby Karston

will be turning 3 the day after tomorrow.

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