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blogs that is…

You can find my new blog at

I am so excited that it is up and hope you’ll come join me over there!


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a post

with no pictures. I hate to do it. It’s the reason there hasn’t been a post in a week and a half. But today I’m going to do it, and it’s going to be totally random. 

We just returned home from a 2 day/1 night trip to Chicago. It was my first time there. Definitely not enough time to do everything we would have liked. Regardless, I loved it! Loved the architecture, loved the view from where we were staying, loved walking, the kids loved the bus rides. The weather was beautiful. 

On Monday, we retested Kanon’s hearing. I was secretly praying that we would do the test, and afterwards the doctors would look at me and say, “We can’t explain it, but he has perfect hearing.” That’s not what happened. In fact, he’s lost even more hearing. I’m not sure if he has much if not any hearing in his left ear (I need to call and get a chart). His right ear still looks great.

After having beautiful fall weather for a few weeks we then returned to summer weather (like 100 degrees). Now it feels like winter. Not really winter. I know this is fall, but the mornings and evenings feel like a winter in Texas. However, I am still enjoying it and will so even more once we all have appropriate clothing. That way I don’t have to be the mom to send her daughter to nursery where they go outside to play, and my daughter ends up freezing because I didn’t bring a sweater for her. 

Apple picking is on our list of things to do this week. 

Pumpkin patch is on our list of things to do next week while Nonna is here. 

Kyrie’s 3rd birthday is on Monday. I am so very excited about the gift I’m making her; I’ve been thinking about it for a year now. Although, I should probably skip sleeping the rest of the week if I want it to be finished in time for her birthday. 

The blog redesign is the closest it’s ever been to being finished. I am so excited. 

I am also so excited (an understatement) that I will be attending the Relevant Conference in just a few short weeks. Does that sound totally dorky? A blogging conference? I cannot wait to listen to the speakers and meet some amazing women. 

I could tell you even more random stuff, but I think I will spare you for now. That’s if you’re still reading. Have a Happy Wednesday!

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If my lack of posting is any indication as to how I’ve been feeling…..

Yes, I got sick. At least half of Tuesday and Wednesday were spent in bed. I was so dizzy I wasn’t able to stand for long. I am feeling much better now -not completely back to normal but better. I still get dizzy a lot, and I’ll spare you the other details. This is not what I am excited about.

What I am excited about is becoming a contributing writer at At the Well. It is a ministry based around Titus 2:4-5 “and so train the young women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled, pure, working at home, kind, and submissive to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be reviled.” (ESV) The blog has a daily post from various writers that I am still “getting to know.” The posts span a range of categories equipping and encouraging women.  I will be posting once a month in the Practical Living category. My focus will not be on writing (good thing, right!) as much as it will be on a practical tutorial. To say that I am very excited to be joining this group of women is an understatement! Go visit At the Well today to see my first post!

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Morning Doses

The Mr. is sick. The Manon is on his sixth ear infection. Karston has his first ever ear infection. Kyrie just came off antibiotics from a cough that lasted a month. Kyrie is still struggling with allergies, needing to cup her hands under her nose after a sneeze while waiting for me to run for a kleenex (MULTIPLE times a day). Me? Well, I have a headache. Not sure if it’s sickness coming on or just a headache from taking care of my sick family. You know Mommy’s aren’t allowed to get sick. 

this morning’s doses

I feel like a pharmacist or doctor with all the medicine I’ve been administering around here. I don’t really like medicine (I mean I am very thankful for it), and I don’t like putting so much into my kids. However I dislike ear infections more than I dislike antibiotics.

We are on the rise. And while we’ve been sick, we’ve still managed to enjoy our days. So much time is spent around the sandbox.


The kids have checked on our garden multiple times a day -usually always picking something.


Kanon has been enjoying anything with wheel. His brother’s tricycle and bicycle and his sister’s (yes, sister’s) Mater are his favorites. 


Karston and Kyrie even helped me do the dishes today.

They really did do such a great job. Since they were such a big help, we walked to the florist where I let them pick out a few flowers for a small bouquet. The flowers now adorn their sparkly kitchen.

Tonight at bedtime, Karston told me walking to the florist to get flowers was his favorite part of the day. I’m glad he remembers it like that and not how he was whining the whole way home because he didn’t want his sister to walk beside him and how she wanted to walk RIGHT BESIDE him because “I love him”……

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Good times

Wow! Well once again I did not mean to take a week long blog break -very unintentional. Which is completely opposite of my word of the year, intentional. I did tell you that was my word of the year, right? Well we are doing a lot better at it but still have a long way to go. We want everything we do to be for a reason. Anyways…

We have been having so much fun around here. We’ve had way more play dates than normal, been busy playing with the new neighbors, we went to the state fair

where all the kids enjoyed the animals, Karston enjoyed the ferris wheel and swings, and Kyrie enjoyed the swings. 

We also got some polyester goodness from our neighbor’s trash. Another neighbor told me that they had a whole box of fabric set out by the trash. I denied the urge to take the whole box home to go through it because I am trying to be careful about what I bring into our house. I did think it a great opportunity to let the kids pick some out for craft projects though. They were thoroughly enjoying themselves, going through all the fabric, picking their favorite, carrying it to the stroller basket, and returning to the box for more. I couldn’t stop them -I know that feeling all too well. The excitement and sugar high from seeing all that eye candy. They really must be my children.

Well while we were going through our neighbors trash, they came home. And I was embarrassed. And then the man told me all the fabric was his wife and mother-in-law’s from the 1960s. And then I really did want to take that whole box home. And I once again denied the urge.

We also made a spur of the moment trip to Cincinnati to see some very dear friends from Waco, TX. The visit wasn’t long enough. Such sweet times. The kids, as well as us, fell straight into visiting and playing as if no time had been spent apart. 

Now I can’t mention our visit with our friends without telling you what they are doing. They are filmmakers and are currently on a tour filming for their newest film.


Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America


IndoctriNation the Movie website

IndoctriNation the Movie blog

Whatever your views are on public schools, this will be a documentary to watch. The Gunns are amazing at what they do. 


And back to our fun, we also attended a free family festival event hosted by a local church on Labor Day. It was the first time that the Mr. has been employed by a place that actually takes Labor Day off. It was nice to be together as a family. I must say, for small children, the festival was better than the state fair. Karston and Kyrie took their first pony rides, rode a train, had their faces painted, jumped on inflatables, got balloons, played carnival games, got free Secretariat shirts, and ate cotton candy. And I half purposefully forgot my camera. So no pictures of it.

It is also turning fall around here which is so exciting. The weather has been cooler with the mornings and evenings being quite cold. Leaves are falling and starting to change colors. We have spent a lot of time outdoors. I think Fall may be replacing Summer as my favorite season -maybe that’s because we actually have a fall here in Kentucky.

Have you done anything fun recently? Did you do anything for Labor Day?

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My little artists

and their quiet time creations…..

…..and the clean-up.

Is it bad that I was actually proud of two of Karston’s drawings? His drawing is changing, and it’s so exciting to me. I see drawing lessons in the near future! However, explaining to a four and two year old that this is not really our house, that we pay people money to live here, and those people will make us pay more money if we mess their house up, that it’s OK for Nonna to paint on walls because she is an artist and people pay her to do that…..yeah, that proved to be just a tad bit harder than we thought.


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Summer Drink: Naturally Sweetened Lemonade

I know summer is coming to a close for most of you with school starting back up and all, but the temperature outside lets me know that we’ve still got a little bit of summer left. It is HOT here in Kentucky. They weren’t lying when they told us last summer was an unusually cool one. Last year I could count on one hand the number of days the temperature went above 88 degrees. This year I could maybe count a couple of days where the temperature stayed below that 88 degree mark. 

It’s HOT. Like Texas hot. Karston and Kyrie won’t even play outside. With all this heat, we are drinking water ALL DAY long. Drink. Refill. Drink. Refill…..I love water, I do, but with drinking so much of I tend to crave a flavor every once in a while. So I’m going to share a few of our family’s go to drinks from the summer. 

Our first is simply lemonade. However this lemonade is sweetened with white grape juice instead of sugar. It lets the natural sugar take care of things.


one can White Grape Juice concentrate

one can Lemon Juice concentrate (maybe a little less for fresh lemons)

five cans water

That’s it!

We were going to use  store bought lemon juice, but I remembered my sister had given me a lemon juicer for Christmas that I had yet to use. So we decided to use fresh lemons and squeeze our own. Such a good decision. The kids loved the process. 

Pour the White Grape Juice concentrate into your pitcher.

Then use the empty can to measure one can of lemon juice. **If using fresh lemons, I would start with 3/4 can and then add more to taste after the water is added.

Then add 1…2…3…4…5 cans of water.

Stir and Enjoy!!

more to come tomorrow

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