Change of Plans and A Prayer Request

Well we did have quite the busy week/weekend scheduled, and I was actually so excited about it. However, one at a time our guests called saying their plans had changed making our schedule get less and less busy. At first I was sad, but the Lord knows better than I. I woke this morning with a sore throat, headache, sinus pain, and an achy body. I don’t  think I’m sick, just tired. And I was all of sudden thankful that our schedule had been minimized and my list of what I wanted to get done before family arrives for Kyrie’s birthday quickly shortened. I am very excited about tomorrow; we have been anticipating it all week. I love the excitement that has been going through the house counting down the days until visitors, eating cake, and building sand castles.

On another note, I would like to ask you to pray for Ashley. She is the cutest little girl. Her family attends the church that I grew up in, and they are just the sweetest little family. Ashley has been struggling with multiple health problems since she was born. She is a transplant patient who went into rejection last year and had to live in Nebraska away from the rest of the family (her mom stayed with her) for months. She is in the hospital now (in TX), and some of the doctors are thinking she might be in rejection again. The tests will be further analyzed by her transplant team in Nebraska. I ask first that you pray against her being in rejection. And second, that if she is in rejection, that the Lord would show Himself to this family, holding them together as He has in the past that His Name may be glorified!


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