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Birthday Gift

So I am really trying hard to get gifts to people on time. It is a real struggle. (I still have my sister’s apron that I gave her last Christmas then asked for it back to fix) I know; it’s bad. But she understands! Right? But really, I really am trying to work on this.

So my mom’s birthday was this past Wednesday. Happy Birthday Mom! I had thought about what I was going to make her for a long time. It wasn’t an overly time consuming project which is just what I needed when trying to obtain this lofty goal of being on time! I got the idea from my Little Stitches book by Amy Butler (which I totally love this book and the man who gave it to me!). However, it was an easy enough project to not read the directions. I just saw the picture and made my own minus any applique on the front- guess why I skipped the applique….I ran out of time! (And I was determined to be on time)  So here it is!


Fabric covered photo accordion book


Open view of the book   



 It didn’t end up how I wanted it (had a huge mess up right before trip to the post office); but I think it’s still cute, and I know she likes it.

Oh, and it still didn’t get to her in time. Mail usually gets to her the very next day. I mailed it two days in advance and in a priority mail envelope! Now that I cannot do anything about.


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Quiet Morning

I am enjoying a rare quiet morning today. It has now been one week since the children have begun sharing a room. The nights have gone unexpectedly well. Mark and I are remembering what it’s like to turn on our lamps, read in bed, and talk to each other! I look forward to more of these quiet nights and mornings- ones to read and craft and think. I hear the children waking (it’s the sweetest sound to hear them “talking” to each other).

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Welcome to my blog. I am very excited to start recording our everyday. It’s going to be an all purpose blog- one for family + creativeness + adventure + happiness + sadness and whatever else our days bring us! I hope to look back and be very thankful for all that is recorded-for it to be a reminder of where we’ve been and where we are going. May the Lord bless this blog to His glory!

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