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DIY handkerchief garter

Ok, so I entered the contest again. I’m just having so much fun! And she extended the deadline until Saturday night. So if you have an idea or if you did something DIY for your own wedding using something “found,” you should go enter- first prize is $500!

This time I bring you a garter made out of two old handkerchiefs. A super quick project that’s unique and could really have a lot of sentimental value if you used handkerchief belonging to your grandmother or other kin.

So here it is:


2 old handkerchiefs

sewing machine

elastic thread


Step 1:

Cut each handkerchief in half

Step 2:

Sew the pieces together. I wanted to leave the decorative edge of the blue handkerchief showing so I simply sewed one on top of the other (instead of right sides together). Once all four pieces are sewn together creating a long rectangle, sew the end to the beginning to create an oval.

Step 3:

Iron the top edge over twice.

Step 4:

Loosely wind your elastic thread around your bobbin. Insert into your machine as you would with normal thread. Adjust the stitch length to be a little long, and sew around the top edge of your garter. Repeat for as many rows as you want. I sewed three rows. (make sure to backstitch at beginning and end of stitched rows)

Step 5:

Your fabric should already be somewhat gathered from the elastic thread. Now heat up your iron and shoot a burst of steam on your rows of stitches, and it should bunch up even more.

Step 6:

Try on your garter. If it is too big (like mine was), you can just fold the fabric over here and there and put a few stitches in.

Now you have your something old and possibly your something blue too!

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