Morning Doses

The Mr. is sick. The Manon is on his sixth ear infection. Karston has his first ever ear infection. Kyrie just came off antibiotics from a cough that lasted a month. Kyrie is still struggling with allergies, needing to cup her hands under her nose after a sneeze while waiting for me to run for a kleenex (MULTIPLE times a day). Me? Well, I have a headache. Not sure if it’s sickness coming on or just a headache from taking care of my sick family. You know Mommy’s aren’t allowed to get sick. 

this morning’s doses

I feel like a pharmacist or doctor with all the medicine I’ve been administering around here. I don’t really like medicine (I mean I am very thankful for it), and I don’t like putting so much into my kids. However I dislike ear infections more than I dislike antibiotics.

We are on the rise. And while we’ve been sick, we’ve still managed to enjoy our days. So much time is spent around the sandbox.


The kids have checked on our garden multiple times a day -usually always picking something.


Kanon has been enjoying anything with wheel. His brother’s tricycle and bicycle and his sister’s (yes, sister’s) Mater are his favorites. 


Karston and Kyrie even helped me do the dishes today.

They really did do such a great job. Since they were such a big help, we walked to the florist where I let them pick out a few flowers for a small bouquet. The flowers now adorn their sparkly kitchen.

Tonight at bedtime, Karston told me walking to the florist to get flowers was his favorite part of the day. I’m glad he remembers it like that and not how he was whining the whole way home because he didn’t want his sister to walk beside him and how she wanted to walk RIGHT BESIDE him because “I love him”……


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