Good times

Wow! Well once again I did not mean to take a week long blog break -very unintentional. Which is completely opposite of my word of the year, intentional. I did tell you that was my word of the year, right? Well we are doing a lot better at it but still have a long way to go. We want everything we do to be for a reason. Anyways…

We have been having so much fun around here. We’ve had way more play dates than normal, been busy playing with the new neighbors, we went to the state fair

where all the kids enjoyed the animals, Karston enjoyed the ferris wheel and swings, and Kyrie enjoyed the swings. 

We also got some polyester goodness from our neighbor’s trash. Another neighbor told me that they had a whole box of fabric set out by the trash. I denied the urge to take the whole box home to go through it because I am trying to be careful about what I bring into our house. I did think it a great opportunity to let the kids pick some out for craft projects though. They were thoroughly enjoying themselves, going through all the fabric, picking their favorite, carrying it to the stroller basket, and returning to the box for more. I couldn’t stop them -I know that feeling all too well. The excitement and sugar high from seeing all that eye candy. They really must be my children.

Well while we were going through our neighbors trash, they came home. And I was embarrassed. And then the man told me all the fabric was his wife and mother-in-law’s from the 1960s. And then I really did want to take that whole box home. And I once again denied the urge.

We also made a spur of the moment trip to Cincinnati to see some very dear friends from Waco, TX. The visit wasn’t long enough. Such sweet times. The kids, as well as us, fell straight into visiting and playing as if no time had been spent apart. 

Now I can’t mention our visit with our friends without telling you what they are doing. They are filmmakers and are currently on a tour filming for their newest film.


Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America


IndoctriNation the Movie website

IndoctriNation the Movie blog

Whatever your views are on public schools, this will be a documentary to watch. The Gunns are amazing at what they do. 


And back to our fun, we also attended a free family festival event hosted by a local church on Labor Day. It was the first time that the Mr. has been employed by a place that actually takes Labor Day off. It was nice to be together as a family. I must say, for small children, the festival was better than the state fair. Karston and Kyrie took their first pony rides, rode a train, had their faces painted, jumped on inflatables, got balloons, played carnival games, got free Secretariat shirts, and ate cotton candy. And I half purposefully forgot my camera. So no pictures of it.

It is also turning fall around here which is so exciting. The weather has been cooler with the mornings and evenings being quite cold. Leaves are falling and starting to change colors. We have spent a lot of time outdoors. I think Fall may be replacing Summer as my favorite season -maybe that’s because we actually have a fall here in Kentucky.

Have you done anything fun recently? Did you do anything for Labor Day?


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