My little artists

and their quiet time creations…..

…..and the clean-up.

Is it bad that I was actually proud of two of Karston’s drawings? His drawing is changing, and it’s so exciting to me. I see drawing lessons in the near future! However, explaining to a four and two year old that this is not really our house, that we pay people money to live here, and those people will make us pay more money if we mess their house up, that it’s OK for Nonna to paint on walls because she is an artist and people pay her to do that…..yeah, that proved to be just a tad bit harder than we thought.



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5 responses to “My little artists

  1. Heidi

    How cute! Such sweet drawings. If Karston is anything like you, he will be incredibly talented.

  2. Oh goodness! Hearing about this, and seeing the pictures are 2 very different things. lol…

  3. Stacy

    Maybe it’s time for a chalk board wall.

    • maemarie

      Oh, I would have done that a long time ago if it were our home. We have a chalkboard, and we paint and draw almost everyday.

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