DIY beach bag

Ok, I told you how I made the kids beach bags instead of cleaning house before our trip to Florida. I told you how super cute they were, right? Well, now I have pictures for you and somewhat of a tutorial. 

I first saw these grocery bags Dana made while she was in the first  So-You-Think-You’re Crafty competition. I loved them. Aren’t they adorable? Well, I didn’t really need reusable grocery bags at the time so I filed the idea into the “projects to do later” part of my brain. Then came our trip to the beach, and I thought how fun if we had beach bags to give to the kids filled with sand toys and stuff. They could tote their little bags down to the water each day. It was the first time the kids were going to be spending time with their cousin, and we wanted to celebrate. The grocery bags came to mind as the perfect material to use for beach bags. They are made out of plastic grocery bags melted together!!!

Here are a few pictures of how they turned out. 

Aren’t they cute? I just love them. 

There is no need for me to rewrite the tutorial, so I will send you to the original tutorial HERE. From what I read (I admit I didn’t read the whole tutorial), the steps were all very clear. I just read long enough to know that she used eight layers of Target bags, you use parchment paper underneath and on top of your bags to melt them, and that she used cotton setting on her iron.

I used seven layers of Wal-Mart bags with the shiny side of a Target bag on the top and bottom. I also used the setting below cotton, maybe wool?, on my iron. I ironed my bags from the middle going out to release the air bubbles. Originally I had wanted the bags to be pretty small so the kids could carry them, but my sister-in-law and I found so many great sand toys and pajamas on sale that we ended up with a lot of stuff that need to fit! So here’s the sizes of the panels I cut:

I was originally going to laminate some fabric to use as handles, but using ribbon cut out MANY steps. Time was precious. Hence no photos of the process of me making them! I also opted to make my handles go all the way to the bottom of the bag to add support. And I did sew my handles on before sewing the bag together.

I really like these bags and have other ideas for things to make using this technique…like wet bags to hold our wet swimsuits after a visit to the pool. I’ll be sure and show you pictures once I make those!

One last thing, I want to say Happy Birthday to my Grandma Mary! Thank you for sewing with me on my summer trips to your house. I love you and wish I could drive down and eat some cake with you. Have a wonderful day.



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2 responses to “DIY beach bag

  1. So now I feel really stupid but how do you end up with cute white bags when there is a design all over the original? Does it just somehow magically disappear? I mean, even turning them inside out would leave some kind of color I would think.

    They are adorable by the way. Oh! and I found you because TeriLynne tweeted about it.

    • maemarie

      I love Teri Lynne! And your question is not stupid because I didn’t even address it in the tutorial! For the steps on melting the plastic together I actually redirected you to another tutorial in which I thought they covered that part (I haven’t checked yet). The basic answer is I cut the design off the bag because yes, the color would show through. I tried to leave as much “white” as possible when cutting so I could have a large rectangle to work from. Once I had the big rectangle sheets, I then cut out my panels.

      It might be kind of fun to play around with some of the patterns/colors of a bag (like a Target one).

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