Summer Drink: Naturally Sweetened Lemonade

I know summer is coming to a close for most of you with school starting back up and all, but the temperature outside lets me know that we’ve still got a little bit of summer left. It is HOT here in Kentucky. They weren’t lying when they told us last summer was an unusually cool one. Last year I could count on one hand the number of days the temperature went above 88 degrees. This year I could maybe count a couple of days where the temperature stayed below that 88 degree mark. 

It’s HOT. Like Texas hot. Karston and Kyrie won’t even play outside. With all this heat, we are drinking water ALL DAY long. Drink. Refill. Drink. Refill…..I love water, I do, but with drinking so much of I tend to crave a flavor every once in a while. So I’m going to share a few of our family’s go to drinks from the summer. 

Our first is simply lemonade. However this lemonade is sweetened with white grape juice instead of sugar. It lets the natural sugar take care of things.


one can White Grape Juice concentrate

one can Lemon Juice concentrate (maybe a little less for fresh lemons)

five cans water

That’s it!

We were going to use  store bought lemon juice, but I remembered my sister had given me a lemon juicer for Christmas that I had yet to use. So we decided to use fresh lemons and squeeze our own. Such a good decision. The kids loved the process. 

Pour the White Grape Juice concentrate into your pitcher.

Then use the empty can to measure one can of lemon juice. **If using fresh lemons, I would start with 3/4 can and then add more to taste after the water is added.

Then add 1…2…3…4…5 cans of water.

Stir and Enjoy!!

more to come tomorrow


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  1. Yum, I love that you sweeten it with the white grape juice. My kids will love this!

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