11 months

This little guy is 11 months today.

Which makes all these thought swirl around in my head. Thoughts like: Where did the time go? It seems like just yesterday. But we’ve be through SO much. Is it just 11 months? 11 months. That leaves one month until his First Birthday. What should I do for his party? I want to have a HUGE celebration. He’s here. We made it. Let’s have a carnival with tons of friends. Or should we just have a sweet family birthday? Or both. Oh, and I don’t care if he’s going to be one. He’s still my baby. My baby. 

So I have no idea what we are doing for his birthday. I’m really leaning toward the carnival. Do you think I can pull it off if I haven’t even started?

Whatever we decide, we are going to celebrate this amazing boy. I think those ear infections are finally clearing up, and he is back to his wonderful self. He’s regained his ferocious appetite, which is good because he lost a substantial amount of weight (for a baby) during his ear infections. He LOVES being right in the middle of whatever his brother and sister are doing. He continues to LOVE the bath and will try to crawl in himself if you don’t put him in when his siblings are bathing. He loves crawl up on Karston’s bed during bedtime routine. He knows his brother, and he loves him. He laughs a lot. He has a great laugh. He is a super fast crawler- so watch the door. He pulls up and walks along the furniture to retrieve whatever it is he wants. He has a long reach. He’s signed “more” a couple of times. He just signed “milk” tonight. He doesn’t need to sign because he usually gets whatever he wants without it. 

I’ll leave you with a quote from Karston. He’s been saying this a lot the last few days.

“Mommy. You’re a princess.”

“Kyrie. You’re a princess.”

“Kanon. You’re awesome.”



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3 responses to “11 months

  1. Julie

    Maeg, I think you can pull off ANYTHING! So if it’s a carnival you want, then go for it! I myself would go absolutely crazy, but you can handle it, I’m sure. : )

    Guess what? Our best friends just found out they’re having a boy (due in December) and they’re naming him Keaton! I love it!!

    • maemarie

      Thanks Jules, I think I am gonna go for it!

      Tell your friends I love the name they picked! Like really. And not just because it’s mine.

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