Cinnamon Roll Sunday

While we love the change of pace, the crafting, the baking, and the excitement that come along with a holiday, around our house we also love our everyday. Children thrive with order. I don’t think adults are any different. We were created by a God of Order, we were created in His image, and therefore we like order. We like to have a schedule, to know what’s coming. Kids are just the same. With kids, you have the ability to set up some really fun and memorable scheduled activities. Aside from the normal routines such as brushing our teeth after we eat, we’ve also designated certain days for certain activities. We started of with alliteration…..

Cinnamon Roll Sunday- we enjoy homemade cinnamon rolls on Sunday mornings

Movie Monday- after dinner we pop popcorn on the stove and watch about 30 min. of a movie together as a family

Story Time Tuesday- we obviously go to story time (this one will probably be changing soon)

Farmer’s Market Saturday- sometimes we get strawberries or corn or potatoes, but Kettle Popcorn and Chocolate Brownie Bread almost always make it home with us

Week after week the kids remain ecstatic about these activities. It’s helped them learn the days, even if you miss a couple of days or weeks like us. It’s been a few weeks since we’ve had our homemade cinnamon rolls. I use the recipe from The Pioneer Woman  Cooks (they’re amazing) which makes 40-50 cinnamon rolls. It sounds like a lot, but, hello, they’re homemade cinnamon rolls so they really don’t last that long. Last time I doubled the recipe. I did take a picture of the mess that created but can’t find it at the moment. That’s why we’ve been cinnamon roll-less for a few weeks now. All the dishes. And no dishwasher.

Oh, they look so yummy!

What about you? Does your family have a special activity or family night they look forward to every week?



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2 responses to “Cinnamon Roll Sunday

  1. Lee Ann

    What did you do w/all of the cinnamon rolls when you doubled the recipe?

    We have a few markers.
    We make a big deal of the Sabbath. dw knows this is church day and a day of treats (special desserts, etc).
    We also do Movie Monday, but this is the day I let the kids watch movies in the am. dw also gets his allowance every Monday night.
    Wednesday nights is family night. We do some kind of family activity, play games, go to the arboretum, etc.
    Fun Friday – We do something fun that we wouldn’t normally do the rest of the week. And dw gets candy for his afternoon snack.

    • maemarie

      So fun to hear another family’s weekly activities! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been thinking of doing a family night. Right now I’ve been considering our Movie Monday as that but would love to make it a separate night.

      As for the cinnamon rolls, I put them in separate pans (usually 10-12 per pan) and freeze them. I take them out the night before to defrost and bake them in the morning. They are absolutely delicious. By doubling the recipe, I have about 2 months worth of cinnamon rolls, and I’ve never had an issue with freezer burn (I double wrap them).

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