Multicultural Fourth

How was your Fourth of July? Ours was really quite delightful. Leading up to most holidays I have big plans about decorations, crafts to make, food to eat and people to invite over. But we go back and forth about what to do then the time comes and we haven’t done much of anything. This holiday was much like that, but this time it was intentional. The Mr. has been flying through class after class this summer. And while he is very intentional about spending time with us, we still long for more time together as a family. Hanging out together, just being, that was the plan.

But then Sunday morning at church, we met some folks all the way from Zimbabwe, and we had to invite them over. It is particularly delightful and interesting to speak with someone from another country or continent anytime. It was even more so on a day when we were celebrating our country’s freedom.

So we grilled.

And we talked while the kids played.

And then we brought out the big guns.

Oh yeah! Poppers and sparklers, baby. Now it’s Fourth of July! Karston and Kyrie showed them how it was done.

……reach up really high

and throw down really hard.

The kids were scared for, oh, about 1/2 a second, and then they dove in and we had poppers being popped all over the driveway. It took the parents a little longer to get used to it. The dad kept asking, “What’s in it?” We didn’t have an answer. Popping stuff?

Then came the sparklers. Once again, the kids loved it, but the mother was apprehensive. Interested but apprehensive. Can you blame her? I mean really, it’s fire on a stick that you wave around in the air. Imagine seeing these for the first time ever.

Like I said, we had a delightful evening. They thanked us for showing them what Fourth of July was all about, and we assured them that was probably the most subdued celebration of the night. That poppers and sparklers are like the babies of fireworks. We sent them home with some and told them the sparklers are way more fun when it gets dark outside. We did also tell them about the fireworks down at the river in case they wanted to see, well, fireworks- real ones.

On a side note: Around our house, Sunday is a day of rest so we usually refrain from household chores. However, on this day we were required to do a few things in preparation for our guests. If it were anybody else (anyone from the states), we wouldn’t have cared as much. We would still care, just not as much. Because you would probably come over and think, “Wow, the Keaton’s are messy.” But the Mr. and I kept telling each other, “They’re going to see our house and think Americans are messy, lazy, and have too much stuff. Baby, we’re representing America here!” America, I think we represented you well. We cleaned like never before and shut the doors to the other rooms!


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  1. Julie

    How sweet of you to invite this family over, Maeg! I’m sure they loved their time with you! (And I loved the disclaimer about cleaning up for them. Thanks for representing “us” well!) : )

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