No Extras

So a few days ago the Mr. and I decided to set a goal for the month of July. Pay the bills, buy food from the grocery store and that’s it. No extras. No fast food. No fabric. No books.

This really didn’t seem too hard. It’s not like we usually have a big spending budget anyways- the Mr.’s a seminary student if you didn’t know. But as soon as we started talking about this goal, all I could think of were things I wanted. Funny how that works. Fabric. I haven’t even bought fabric for months (actually don’t remember when), but the fact that I “can’t” made me want to. And that new book, The Faithful Parent, I really want that, and it would be of great benefit to our family.  I really do need just a few new articles of clothing. And so my thoughts went.

We’ve been through day one successfully. I am actually really excited. We will have one week where we are on vacation with Mark’s family that will not count. I know you are all thinking, “well that’s only 3 weeks then, no big deal.” But like I said, “because I can’t have anything, I now want everything.” I’m telling you, I think it is already teaching me something about myself. A few exceptions that we’ve thought of are 1) if we have a gift card and 2) postage to mail some gifts to a few people. If we do come up with something we really need, then we will try and thrift it first before going to a major retailer. So if you’d like to send me a gift card that would be great! Totally joking.

After making a quick stop by Ohdeedoh today, I realized we are not the only ones doing this. Here’s their post. And here is Rachel from Small Notebook who is not doing it this year but did it every July for the last three years. I haven’t read all her old posts yet but look forward to doing so.

Is this something your family has done? How was it?



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4 responses to “No Extras

  1. I just read that same post today! We had already decided that July would be a lean month, thanks to some car repairs last month. I’m excited to do this too! Let us know how it goes for you guys. I think I’ll have to stop looking at Ohdeedoh and all the other blogs I read for the month, because they just make my wish list longer. 🙂

  2. Doing this for the first time this year!

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