try again

Last May, during part of our hiatus in Longview,  Karston and Kyrie painted birdhouses at their Nonna’s. Karston chose blue paint; Kyrie chose pink but ended up mixing the pink and blue together making purple.

Don’t they look so much smaller?

Well, they painted them in preparation for moving, as something to look forward to hanging up at our new house. And we hung them pretty soon after we got here. And then we waited. And waited. And waited. They really wanted a bird to make a nest in at least one of them, but it never happened. And a year later, their birdhouses looked like this.

No wonder a bird didn’t make a nest in the blue one. It had no bottom! Nonna bought Karston a new bird house to paint, and Kyrie repainted hers.

They chose the same colors this year.

Pink and Blue.

The birdhouses are waiting on a coat of sealer before being hung. We will wait again. And pray a little birdie or two decide to make those colorful houses their homes.



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2 responses to “try again

  1. Julie

    Wow, little kids DO grow so much! I can’t believe the difference in the two pics…they’ve gone from babies to kiddos! So cute! I hope the best for your birdhouses. : )

  2. Crystal Rains

    Hi friend!! 🙂 I finally remembered to check blogs!! I just love to see your daily life, and oh how the kids have changed! Its amazing really. Love all your ideas, you are such an inspiration. 🙂

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