Our Trip {Part 1}

Wow, I never thought it would take me this long to get back to the blog. I can’t believe the last “real” post was the potty party, that seems like forever ago! So much has gone on since that post that there is no way I could ever fill you in on everything, but I do want to share some pieces.

When we left Texas a little over a year ago we didn’t know when we’d be back. We thought not until the Mister finishes school at the very earliest. But my little brother was graduating high school…..and our neighbors in Woodway (Waco) are moving overseas and we HAD to see them before they leave. So off we set on a 12 hour drive to the great state of Texas. And after living out of that great state for a year, and loving, loving, loving where we live now, I still have to say that Texas is the best state EVER!

After a VERY long night in the minivan, we made it. Which was only by God’s grace. And then 2 days later, we loaded back into the minivan for a 3 hour trip to Waco for a visit with this lovely family. While Texas is the best state ever, these people are the best neighbors ever! There is no replacing them.

And then one night while in Waco, another family hosted a get together so we could see even more of our friends. It was so. much. fun. We did miss a couple of families, though!

Our time in Waco was bittersweet. It felt as if I had blinked, like no time at all had passed since I had been sitting around that familiar table being served a meal by our sweet neighbor, or talking kids + design + photography + cooking with friends. We fell into step without any stumbles. But then you looked around at the children. And they had grown. And there were new children that we were just meeting for the first time. And then you knew time had passed.

We said goodbye once again to all our life-giving friends in Waco. We had to get back to East Texas to see this handsome graduate!

My little brother is very talented and a very hard worker. He can weld and build just about anything. I’m always coming up with ideas and designs for him to either build me or weld for me, but he just thinks I’m crazy. And I am. But I’m telling you Trey, people would buy the design. Congratulations Trey! We love you!


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