be back soon

I had pictures for you. Actually, I still have them. They’re just on the camera, and I’m having technical issues that I run into ever so often that requires help from Mark. And since it is the end of the semester, Mark is even busier than usual (that would be an understatement), and getting pictures off the camera and onto the computer didn’t make the top of the list because I decided to turn our house upside down. I just thought I was rearranging. That was nothing. Now, after a visit to some new friends’ house, I’ve decide to move all three kids upstairs to the attic turned room, and move mine and Mark’s bedroom down to the main level. I’m actually very excited about all this, but seeing as our house looks like a burglary scene with clothes and toys and furniture thrown every which way in hopes of an intruder finding something of value, I feel just a tad overwhelmed. And because moving our mattress downstairs requires rolling it up into a burrito, strapping it “closed”, removing a window, and lowering it through that window and down to the ground, Mark can’t get to it until after the semester is over. So I’ll be overwhelmed for a little while. So…. I don’t know when I’ll be back. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week. Although I could think of lots to tell you all about, it’s just not as fun without pictures. So hopefully I’ll see you soon!



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3 responses to “be back soon

  1. Well, I’ll miss hearing from you. 🙂

  2. stacy

    That last comment was from me not Michael. I really need to learn how to use a computer properly.

  3. I’ll miss you! I love seeing all of the pics from your weekends. But I totally understand the place you’re in.

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