The Tomb

This weekend is Easter. And while there will be a lot of egg dying, egg hunts, & easter baskets, we as Christians want to focus on celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus. The book Treasuring God in Our Traditions by Noel Piper (that I gave away not too long ago) really helps you think about how to use the holidays to drive home Truths that you try and teach your children on a daily basis. And that book is exactly where this idea came from. 

These pictures are from last year when we created the tomb. We were on hiatus in Longview during that time, so we just picked up some air dry clay from Wal-Mart. Any homemade play-doh or salt dough recipe would work. 

The idea is to create a hill where you could place a cross, a tomb, and a place for other people to stand. You would recreate the the events of the cross. 

We simply made the tomb. We place Jesus in there on Friday. Then the kids check on Him everyday (multiple times a day) to see if He’s still there. Then on Sunday, before the kids wake up, Mark or I roll the stone away and take Jesus out. And the kids come out and say, “Jesus is Alive.” Instead of making our people or Jesus out of pipe cleaners as recommended, we simply photocopied the images from the kids’ Bible. This ended up being a great project last year as I’m sure it will be again this year. Noel Piper also states that this is a project for smaller children as older children tend to get a giggly over it. And we never want to make the cross a laughing matter. It’s not too late to do this with your children. Let me know if you do. 

On a whole other note, doesn’t Kyrie look like such a baby in these pictures. Ah, the difference a year makes!


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