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Potty training

Well, I know I told you way back when that Kyrie had potty trained herself. She did. I didn’t do a thing. Which was awesome for me  except for when she decided to untrain herself just as quickly and easily as when she trained herself- which was around the time Kanon was born. “Hold me like a baby,” also started at that point. And so there we have sat for the past 6 months. A little girl who knows how to go to the potty but won’t because she still wants to be a baby (just don’t call her one!). And I didn’t want to push it, so I didn’t do anything about it. 

Then I saw the templates for this potty chart. Score! Somebody’s already done the work for me. And Kyrie would love this. So that is what we have been working on this week. She loves putting the stickers up, and even more than that she likes getting a treat. (And I think she is soaking up all the extra attention she’s getting)

Here’s our version

Totally took me back to high school making this little sign. Made me want to bust out a roll of white paper and make some signs for a football game. So much fun wasn’t it Lesh? What’s that we used to say? Perfect with the paint. (perfect being a verb in that phrase) Anyways…. she’s loving it. I’m loving that soon there will be just one in diapers. Everyone’s happy. 

And here’s some pictures of that girl. On this particular day she just looked so darn cute to me. Reminded me of rainbow sherbet. Made me smile every time I saw here.



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Tuesday’s Order {DIY child’s tool belt}

A couple of Tuesday’s ago, my children’s request of the day was a tool belt. Some of their requests are really big, hard, ginormous, really far out there, could never make it requests. But this one? Easy. So I made them a couple.  I love to make things for them.


-1 rectangle of fabric (mine was 12″ x 10″ and was scrap canvas)

-1 strip of fabric or ribbon 36″ long or adjusted to fit you child’s waist with room to tie in back 

Step 1:

Fold one edge over about 1/4″ and press

Step 2:

Fold over and press again. This is called a roll hem. 

Step 3:

Edge stitch (i.e. stitch as close to the edge as possible.

Step 4:

Line your edge stitch up with the right side of your presser foot. Stitch another line using your edge stitch as a guide. (This step is totally optional. It is just a finishing stitch that simply makes it look….well….more finished!)

Step 5:

Fold your your hemmed edge up towards the top of your fabric leaving about 1.5 inches at the top. It should create a pocket of some sort. Make sure your “wrong” side is facing you. Your “right” sides should be together. 

Step 6:

Sew down each side

Step 7:

Turn right side out. And stitch your desired compartments. I chose to make 3 “spaces” or pockets, and my very precise way of measuring where to stitch was to fold it and use the creases as a guide.

Step 8:

Set your rectangle to the side. Moving on to the tie. Iron your strip of fabric in half. 

Step 9:

Fold the raw edges in to the crease and press. This create a fake bias trim. Since we are making this a quick project we didn’t take the time to measure out 45 degree angles and sew some bias trim. Of course, if you already have some bias trim it would work great here- and make the project even faster.

Step 10:

Line up the center of your tie with the center of your rectangle piece, and sew the tie on. The easiest and fastest thing to use would be ribbon- no folding, ironing, or sewing past the pouches. If you use fabric or bias tape, you will need to continue to sew past the pouches in order to sew your trim itself together. 

And there you have it! A completed tool belt. Or in my case, two completed tool belts. 

Sewn during nap time and then set out for my little builders to find upon wakening. May you build some mighty things Bob and Wendy! Can you build it? Yes you can!

{also perfect for toys or treasures- not just tools}


This was a fun quick project. In the future I will probably make the overall pocket a little larger. Let me know if you make your little builder a tool belt!

Karston’s next request: “A shield like Christian has to fight Apollyon.” (from the Pilgrim’s Progress, one of his favorite stories- just like his Daddy)


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Our Weekend in {two} Photos

……because our family will do anything for free food. Especially free Chick-fil-a food. Anything including wearing our pajamas (robes included) and walking straight into Chick-fil-a to claim our free food. It was delicious.


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A few retail things that are exciting me lately.

The Craft Hope Book

(you can preorder now; available in stores in August)

Spring Oliver + S patterns

I have always loved their patterns. I usually make up my own patterns, but I broke down and bought two of theirs last year. I have yet to sew them. I will let you know when I do and give a little review of the pattern. Depending on how well the patterns I have now turn out, I may just have to buy these adorable ones!

Liberty of London for Target

I am really having a hard time containing my excitement for this one. I love Liberty’s fabric but have never bought any because of the price. Now Target is going to have 25 different prints on dresses, dishes, boxers, umbrellas, wellies, pillows, headbands, gardening gloves, flip flops, and ……..the one I’m most excited about……this bike! I. love. it. Really? How cute is that? Wouldn’t I look so stylish riding it to Walgreens to buy milk for my family? I just received a Target gift card. I might just have to use it for the bike. What do you think? This is by far my favorite designer that Target has teamed up with. The products are set to arrive in Target March 14. If you live in NYC, they currently have a pop up store set up through tomorrow.

I don’t want to promote a mind of always wanting stuff, or being discontent with what we have, or filling our lives with too much stuff (a lot of it unnecessary), but is there anything that has caught your eye this season? Something you are so excited about?

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What should have been included in Our Weekend in Photos was a picture of the washing machine. It has been running for four days straight. I lost count of how many loads I’ve done, most of them still waiting to be folded.

We have been sick around here for over 2 weeks now. Runny noses, sneezing, deep chest coughs, and the likes. No fun but not awful. However, early Friday morning Kyrie woke up vomiting. And continued to vomit ALL DAY LONG. We used towels. Washed them. Dried them. And then immediately used them again only to be put back in the washing machine. And then the dryer….and so went the cycle. Saturday was sickness free. Then Kyrie had just one more episode Sunday morning. And then Karston and Kanon both got sick during the night Sunday. Thankfully it did not carry into Monday. Maybe everything will be washed and put away by Wednesday.

poor girl, finally getting some rest from being sick

I am thankful that we had wonderful weather. So wonderful that I was able to hang dry many of our items. There is something so therapeutic about hanging clothes out to dry. Maybe it is the methodical actions required to do such a thing. Maybe it’s because it makes you think of simpler, slower time. Or maybe for me, it’s because it reminds me of my grandma and running through the sheets as she was hanging them to dry. Regardless of the reason, I am glad I was able to do it. It kept the washing machine going faster (not as long of breaks in between loads while you wait for the dryer to finish), and hopefully it will cause our electric bill to not be as sky high as it would have been if we had also had the dryer running for four days straight!


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Our Weekend in Photos

A while back I did a series titled “Makes Me Happy Monday” where I would post something from the day that made me happy. It was always so hard for me to get back in to gear on Mondays so the purpose of the posts was to get me focusing on good, simple, pure, funny things so that I would not be thinking about the overwhelming task of getting back into a routine after a wonderful day of rest. To be grateful. 

Well I ended those posts with no explanation. So here’s the explanation now. The posts served their purpose. I now do not dread Mondays but rather am pretty excited about getting a blank slate and all the possibilities the week holds. It’s an adventure. But on  a more serious note- the Monday I stopped is the Monday that I had two sweet little girls playing (at our then apartment) with my (at the time) two children. They played in the sand and colored on a big roll of paper while their mama was doing something not so fun. Something not happy at all. And I couldn’t be happy because I was mourning with their family (definitely nowhere near the extent that they actually were). And then it hit me. I don’t have to be happy. The Lord does not call us to be happy. Not everything we do or go through and certainly not every single day has to be a happy. Surely there are many happy days, but even when there are not, we can count it all joy.

So here’s to a new series. Our weekend in Photos. Which is simply that!

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A wish

Did you get that?    

Happy Birthday Daddy. We heart you!


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