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{my entry} DIY Wedding Guest Book

This project is currently a finalist in a contest. Please go to THIS POST and leave a comment voting for #16 The Vintage Wedding Book. Thanks! Voting ends on Thursday, April 8, at 11:59 pm (not sure what time zone).

I stumbled across Ruffled blog a few days ago (I can’t really remember how). A must see for anyone planning a wedding- they have lots of beautiful pictures and inspiration. And while visiting, I found out they had a contest going on. A contest with a prompt of “Found Tucked Away and Used Today.” How fun is that? Using something old and turning it into something new and different to be used at a wedding. And while I am not planning a wedding, I am a romantic, I love repurposing things, and I like a good challenge….so I decided to enter.

Now I just have to tell you how much I love this. I love it so much that it almost makes me want to get married again- TOTALLY just kidding Mark. I guess I’ll just have to use this idea for my sister…..or Kyrie.

What it is:  A wedding guest book made out of an old book.

Why I love it: Guests are able to write little notes to the bride and groom; a quote or piece of advice; a favorite memory of the bride or groom; a childhood story; anything really. But so much more than just a signature. Some pages are saved for photos to be added after the wedding. In the end, you have a book that can sit on a shelf, that captures the wedding activities and who the people getting married really are. I bet you would even learn something new about one another!

So here’s the tutorial:


old hardback book with a cool cover

exacto knife

book binding, linen hanging, or masking tape

paper (for interior pages of book)

one piece of cardstock

paper trimmer

sewing machine

hot glue


mod podge

alphabet stamps or any other embellishments you want

Step 1:

Using your exacto knife, CAREFULLY cut the cover off the interior pages of the book. (After removing my pages I saw that the spine of my book needed to be reinforced. I used linen hanging tape because that is what I had. Book binding tape would also work. Or even masking tape- just something to give the spine a little more support.)

Step 2:

Measure the interior of your book and cut your cardstock slightly smaller.

Step 3:

On your cardstock, make a mark at the center. Then measure the spine from your book cover. Draw where the spine will be on your cardstock.

Step 4:

Measure and divide your spine in equal sections. Draw vertical lines to mark where your signatures (or interior folded pages) will go. I decided to make 4 signatures.

Step 5:

Measure and cut your interior pages slightly smaller than your piece of cardstock. I used 10 pages per signature. My paper was thinner than regular paper, so if I were using regular printer paper I would use no more than 8 sheets per signature. Fold each stack of paper in half to create your signature. It doesn’t matter in the edges are not completely lined up.

Step 6:

Take your first signature (unfolded) and line it up with the first line that you drew on your piece of cardstock. Hold in place with binder clips, paper clips, clothes pins…whatever you have. Now sew SLOWLY down the fold of your signature. Repeat until all signatures are sewn in.

Step 7:

Hot glue the outside spine of the cardstock to the interior spine of your hardback.

Step 8:

Brush Mod Podge onto the back of the cardstock and adhere to the vintage book. Hold in place with clips or pins. Let dry overnight.

Step 9:

Your interior pages will most likely be sticking out of your book. Take a straight edge (I used a ruler) and tear the excess paper off. This will create raw edges which will add to the character of the book.

Step 10:

Take your alphabet stamps and stamp the bride and groom’s name on the first page. Randomly pick pages throughout the book to stamp “save for photo.” This, of course, will be where you will place your pictures after the wedding.

Step 11:

Embellish more if you would like. I chose to leave the cover plain. You could also ink the edges of your pages to “add age” to my pages. The possibilities are endless!

Step 12:

Set out at wedding and let guests write away!

Step 13:

After wedding, print pictures and adhere on the blank pages.

Enjoy a book of your wedding!

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