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A few retail things that are exciting me lately.

The Craft Hope Book

(you can preorder now; available in stores in August)

Spring Oliver + S patterns

I have always loved their patterns. I usually make up my own patterns, but I broke down and bought two of theirs last year. I have yet to sew them. I will let you know when I do and give a little review of the pattern. Depending on how well the patterns I have now turn out, I may just have to buy these adorable ones!

Liberty of London for Target

I am really having a hard time containing my excitement for this one. I love Liberty’s fabric but have never bought any because of the price. Now Target is going to have 25 different prints on dresses, dishes, boxers, umbrellas, wellies, pillows, headbands, gardening gloves, flip flops, and ……..the one I’m most excited about……this bike! I. love. it. Really? How cute is that? Wouldn’t I look so stylish riding it to Walgreens to buy milk for my family? I just received a Target gift card. I might just have to use it for the bike. What do you think? This is by far my favorite designer that Target has teamed up with. The products are set to arrive in Target March 14. If you live in NYC, they currently have a pop up store set up through tomorrow.

I don’t want to promote a mind of always wanting stuff, or being discontent with what we have, or filling our lives with too much stuff (a lot of it unnecessary), but is there anything that has caught your eye this season? Something you are so excited about?


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