What should have been included in Our Weekend in Photos was a picture of the washing machine. It has been running for four days straight. I lost count of how many loads I’ve done, most of them still waiting to be folded.

We have been sick around here for over 2 weeks now. Runny noses, sneezing, deep chest coughs, and the likes. No fun but not awful. However, early Friday morning Kyrie woke up vomiting. And continued to vomit ALL DAY LONG. We used towels. Washed them. Dried them. And then immediately used them again only to be put back in the washing machine. And then the dryer….and so went the cycle. Saturday was sickness free. Then Kyrie had just one more episode Sunday morning. And then Karston and Kanon both got sick during the night Sunday. Thankfully it did not carry into Monday. Maybe everything will be washed and put away by Wednesday.

poor girl, finally getting some rest from being sick

I am thankful that we had wonderful weather. So wonderful that I was able to hang dry many of our items. There is something so therapeutic about hanging clothes out to dry. Maybe it is the methodical actions required to do such a thing. Maybe it’s because it makes you think of simpler, slower time. Or maybe for me, it’s because it reminds me of my grandma and running through the sheets as she was hanging them to dry. Regardless of the reason, I am glad I was able to do it. It kept the washing machine going faster (not as long of breaks in between loads while you wait for the dryer to finish), and hopefully it will cause our electric bill to not be as sky high as it would have been if we had also had the dryer running for four days straight!



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2 responses to “sick

  1. Stacy

    I am so sorry everyone has been ill. Alissa is sitting here looking at the pictures and can’t wait to hold Kanon. We would like to watch the kids one evening while visiting, if that would be ok. So you and Mark could have an evening out.

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