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Our Weekend in Photos

A while back I did a series titled “Makes Me Happy Monday” where I would post something from the day that made me happy. It was always so hard for me to get back in to gear on Mondays so the purpose of the posts was to get me focusing on good, simple, pure, funny things so that I would not be thinking about the overwhelming task of getting back into a routine after a wonderful day of rest. To be grateful. 

Well I ended those posts with no explanation. So here’s the explanation now. The posts served their purpose. I now do not dread Mondays but rather am pretty excited about getting a blank slate and all the possibilities the week holds. It’s an adventure. But on  a more serious note- the Monday I stopped is the Monday that I had two sweet little girls playing (at our then apartment) with my (at the time) two children. They played in the sand and colored on a big roll of paper while their mama was doing something not so fun. Something not happy at all. And I couldn’t be happy because I was mourning with their family (definitely nowhere near the extent that they actually were). And then it hit me. I don’t have to be happy. The Lord does not call us to be happy. Not everything we do or go through and certainly not every single day has to be a happy. Surely there are many happy days, but even when there are not, we can count it all joy.

So here’s to a new series. Our weekend in Photos. Which is simply that!


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