Supposed to

This is what I’ve been finding myself saying lately (in regards to questions about Kanon)….

-We were supposed to have Kanon’s hearing test and hearing aid fitting on January 5, but the office messed up the schedule so the hearing test didn’t get done (the appointment had been made for 2 months!). The hearing aid fitting was completed. Along with picking out what color hearing aid we wanted. 

-We were supposed to have an appointment of February 3 to get the hearing aid. The woman had a sick child and had to cancel all her appointments. The rest of the office was already booked for the rest of the month.

-We were supposed to go at 8 am this morning to get his hearing aid, but we were/are in a winter storm warning. And when the warning statement reads, “Only travel if it is an emergency. If you must travel, take an extra flashlight, food, and water,” then a hearing aid doesn’t really seem that big of a deal.

So one day, Kanon will get his hearing aid. Maybe. And I will stop saying “supposed to” (is that even correct?) because if we were really supposed to, then we would have. And we didn’t. So we really weren’t supposed to.

And a picture of that sweet guy. An old one. But one of my favorites. Have I told you how much we love him?


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  1. stacy

    Happy Late Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful joy filled day. Little Kanon looks so sweet. We can’t wait to meet him in April.

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