The Winner!!!

I had so much fun reading your favorite birthday memories. It brought back many memories for me too! I guess I should have left the giveaway up longer so I would have more to read. Oh well. And I guess I should share my favorite birthday memory.

My favorite birthday party is probably my 5th grade year party when I had an American Girl party. Everybody dressed up as their favorite American girl. Then we did things like cook some recipes out of my American Girl cookbook. Then we made homemade paints out of leaves and flowers and berries and such. And then we painted pillow cases (with store-bought paint) that my mom had drawn and screen printed on a pillow case. Such fun memories!

My birthday yesterday was great fun too. Playtime with my babes. Mark driving me around to pick up a few things I needed for projects. Phone calls from friends and family. 3 different package deliveries! Lunch from Jimmy John’s. Dinner from Texas Roadhouse (to feel like we were in Texas for just a moment). An ice cream cake from Graeter’s. And a wonderful family who loves me!

And now for the winner……

Heidi!!! Congratulations!! Your book is on its way!



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3 responses to “The Winner!!!

  1. Heidi

    Aww Maegan thank you!!! I read about this book on your blog and it sounded really special- I can’t wait to read it! Only you would take such joy from giving a present to someone else on YOUR birthday. I am so blessed to have you as my friend. I love you sweet girl and thanks!!!!

  2. Julie Williams

    Hey Maeg, so I missed the give-away, but I WOULD have put my favorite birthday memory as your American Girl party…even before I read your post, I was remembering it. I remember the pillows the most – I kept mine for a looong time, and I dressed up as Kirsten in a prairie dress and was jealous of Rayven who dressed up as Samantha with her gorgeous dark hair. : ) Oh, the things we remember!! That was at your old house, right? …before Dumas? I also remember a slumber party once, and I remember us taking turns singing on your fireplace, putting on a real show and laughing our heads off. I’m sure your dad wanted to kill us – maybe he was wise enough to get out of the house!

    Well, I hope you did have a great birthday party. Daniel planned a surprise party for me (my first!) and I had NO idea!! It was awesome – all of daniel’s family, a lot of friends from church, and Alesha came down! I cried when I saw her… I miss everyone so much sometimes. And I did think of you and Lacy Hudnell/Kennedy on the first. : )

    Love your blog and love you,

    • maemarie

      Didn’t Rayven make the perfect Samantha! I was jealous too. And oh yes, I remember the singing on the fireplace and behind the curtain of the bay window. I’m sure there are pictures somewhere. Good memories! Tell Daniel good job on surprising you! I don’t know how he pulled it off. That is so sweet- and for Alesha to be there…..aww it makes me miss yall!

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