Still no tutorial

I hate to do this. If I say I’m going to do something I really try to do it. However, I am still fighting a sore throat/ear aches/cough, and I am now taking care of 2 (mainly just 1) children with stomach troubles. It has left no time to write up a scarf tutorial. The Lord had different plans for my week!

But really there is no need for me to do a tutorial. A scarf can be crocheted using all double stitches that you can learn using the link I gave you on Monday. Just crochet as many chain stitches as you have to to get the width you want and then start your double stitches on the fourth chain stitch in. I don’t know how to finish it off or weave the tail of the yarn back in. I just knot it and cut it. I’m sure anybody who really knows how to crochet/knit just cringed at that last sentence. 

My advice:

*practice several rows of stitches before starting your scarf (your stitches will become more uniform and even over time)

*count at first (sometimes you might try and make a stitch where one shouldn’t be or skip one, so it is a good idea to count your stitches per row)

Sorry again for not having better instructions. You should try and make a scarf anyways! It’s for a good reason.


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