Craft Hope {project 6}

I mentioned Craft Hope for Haiti last week. I wanted to let you know that Craft Hope has projects going on all the time. Right now they are on project # 6 . In project 6 they have teamed with Orphan Foundation of America. The project is crocheting or knitting red scarves that will be sent out in care packages to students that have aged out of the foster system. Craft Hope has a free pattern for a scarf if you already know how to knit. My plan was to post a tutorial for those of you who do not know how to crochet or knit. However, I woke up sick on Saturday and have been wiped out ever since. So I will leave you with these links for now. You can make a whole scarf with just these two stitches!

The Slip Knot

Chain Stitch

Double Crochet Stitch

So go to the craft store and grab some yarn and crochet hooks and practice these stitches. Hopefully before the week’s over I can show you how to make a scarf!


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