Craft Hope for Haiti

Craft Hope is a great organization that I have wanted to share with yall for a while now. They are continually putting great projects out there, but today I want to share what they are doing for Haiti. They have been collecting hand crafted items that crafters all over the world have so generously donated, and they have set up an etsy shop to sell all of these wonderful items. They have already had over 800 sales, and I believe they have now reached the $10,000 mark. ALL of the money is going to Doctors Without Borders to aid in the relief of the people in Haiti. They are constantly adding new listings so check back often to see if anything catches your eye. I donated a Custom Bouncy Seat finished in the buyers choice of fabric. It should be listed in a few days (they have so many donations- they are working as fast as they can). Here’s a picture of our bouncy seat.

So go check out Craft Hope. Buy something. Or make and donate something (they stop accepting donations this evening). If you want to make something but can’t do it by tonight, read this post. I’m sure you all know, the people of Haiti will need help for years. I will post later with some specific ways that we can be praying. 




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2 responses to “Craft Hope for Haiti

  1. That’s awesome that you are doing this. I also meant to tell you how much I enjoyed your “reveal” post for the give away. It was so fun, and the bag you made was awesome.

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