The Prize and the Winner!

First let me say that I loved reading all your comments. There were so sweet, thoughtful, funny, and generous! I smiled when I read some, got teary eyed on others, and laughed out loud on a couple. I got to see glimpse’s of your giving hearts, and I loved it. There will definitely be more giveaways in the future- this was way too fun!

And now for the prize! I really did have several ideas before I posted the giveaway, but Mark told me I was setting myself up for a letdown by not showing you the prize when I announced the giveaway. So then that made me nervous. But yall will still be my friends even if it’s no good right? I tried to think about what this blog is about….which is really just our life. And sewing is a part of my life. So I decided to challenge myself to try a new pattern. I’m good at sewing and making up my own patterns but not necessarily good at following them. So I made the “I’ll Take One of Everything Bag” from my Seams to Me book by Anna Maria Horner.

And here’s me trying to figure out the pattern and what fabric I was going to use. There wasn’t time to order any online, and since I’m flying solo this week (as solo as me + 3 kids can be) while Mark is away for a seminary class, going to the fabric store was out of the question. 

And here’s the outcome!

And oh, what’s that inside? Why it’s a $25 Sephora gift card!

And now for the winner! I really wanted you all to win! So at 1:00 (because I realized yall are in Central Time Zone while we are in Eastern) my time I printed out the comments.

And then cut

And then put in a hat for Karston and Kyrie to draw from.

And they drew……….

(I am purposefully trying to drag this post out)

Tess!!!!! Congratulations!!! And she is right, Stepping Heavenward is a MUST READ. (That was one of my ideas of a prize)! Hope you enjoy your new bag! It should get to you soon! Have a happy weekend everybody!



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7 responses to “The Prize and the Winner!

  1. Julie Williams

    Aww Maeg, I got your e-mail too late! You are so cute though. Gosh, I can’t imagine putting that much time and effort into something to give away – to who knows who! And where in the world do you have the time to do all of this?! I’ve started sewing JUST a little bit. I’ve made 4 pillows for the house and am planning to make a cute curtain in my little kitchen window. I definitely can’t follow a pattern but I just LOVE looking at fabrics. (I used to hate going to the fabric store with mom all those years; now I look for an excuse to buy material). : ) I made some crafts around Christmas time and sold them on Etsy (mostly to family & friends) but was able to donate $75 in profits to Gospel for Asia. I still have my Etsy site even though I’m not really making them anymore – took up so much time – but were really fun AND EASY!
    Enjoy! Oh, and click on my Sold items on the right-hand side to see some of my Christmas ones. It was fun – wish I had more time to craft. Love ya!

    • Julie Williams

      Oh, and my camera sucks. I am jealous of all your clear, crisp photos!

    • maemarie

      LOVED your etsy shop! Didn’t even know you had one. I’ve wanted to open one for a couple of years now. I’ve bought a lot of gifts off there. I’ve also thought about your mom many times….wishing I had paid more attention to her quilting. Oh, and normally that bag, or anything for that matter, would have taken me like 5 years to complete. But like I said, Mark’s out of town for the week so that’s what I did when the kids went to bed.

  2. Tess

    Oh my gosh, Meagan ! You are so awesome ! I can’t believe that; I never win anything !!!!!! It just doesn’t “seam” right for you to put in all the work and time spent blogging and sewing only for me to get the prize !!!! I am so pumped ! I just adore the bag!! I can’t wait; I will be sporting it all around this spring and summer! I know Stacy and Alissa are going to get a kick out of this !

    Oh my gosh ! :-O 🙂

    I am so impressed with all you do !! Thank you for this fun and amazing idea of a ‘give away.’

    I am a novice at sewing. I have my mom’s pfaff, but it needs a little work on it. Your sewing is getting me motivated again ! I sewed a purse for the young girl I used to nanny for, and it did not turn out anything like this !

    Thank you so much Maegan! I love the pictures; it is all just so great !!!!

    I will talk to you very soon !

  3. Heidi Young

    Love the bag!!!! It is so cute and unique!

  4. stacy

    I am so excited that Tess won. I’m sure she will let me borrow it.:} Those babies are so sweet.

  5. Reagan Sapp

    Loving the bag! Too cute!

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