Rainbow Snowman

We reached our goal of building a snowman yesterday. The only memory I have of building a snowman is from somewhere around the age of five; so I was just as excited if not more than the kids. 

I guess I was more excited because they all left me while we were still working on the bottom ball…..

But in the end we got a little Kyrie sized snow man. Mark came out to help me for a few minutes before he had to leave. The snowman is complete with a wooden carrot nose out of Kyrie’s kitchen (we had no real ones) and Whopper eyes (because we have no coal, and I can’t find my buttons) and no smile because the Whoppers wouldn’t stick- the head would just start falling apart. You can tell we are amateur snowman builders! But we like it anyways.

And then fast forward to later that afternoon. I wanted the kids to be able to enjoy the snow in some other ways besides the traditional snowballs, snow angels, and snowmen. I thought this idea was genius. Although I knew it would be a disaster indoors at our house. So I made up the water bottles with food coloring, and Kyrie immediately loved “painting” all the snow in the front yard pink. I called the boys (Karston and the neighbor) to let them know the “paint” was ready (they had changed houses and were at the neighbors). And what do the boys do? The take the spray bottles and go shoot the snowman! Leave it to boys to have to shoot a snowman.  So now we have a rainbow snowman.

And even though I made this an outdoor activity, one of my children still managed to get inside with a green water bottle and in 30 seconds spray the walls in the living room, dining room, and kitchen, and the ceiling, and the chairs and couch, and their play table and a puzzle. So then I scrubbed. That’s our life. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.



Remember, the giveaway ends on Friday at noon. I’ve loved reading the comments so far. If you haven’t commented, go to this post and tell me,  “What was your favorite gift that you GAVE this holiday season?” 



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2 responses to “Rainbow Snowman

  1. Looks like everyone had a great time. I love the blog where you got the idea to spray the snow. She has so many fun ideas. I will make sure to pick up some spray bottles so we can enjoy this activity next winter.

    • maemarie

      I know doesn’t she have the cutest ideas! And when she mentions different areas of Tulsa it feels like home. Even though I never lived in Tulsa myself so much of my family did, and I have many memories there.

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