I got it!

I got the snow I wanted. Last Thursday it snowed hard ALL day long!!! And we continued to have flurries on Friday and Saturday. Now I am not a fan of all the cold weather, BUT the snow is absolutely beautiful. It is so white and looks so clean. It is almost too bright to look at. I love looking out the kitchen window late at night to see just how light it looks with the moon and street lamps being reflected by the snow. We haven’t been out in it much because, like I said, we don’t really like cold weather. While it was still a novelty (on the first day) I snapped just a couple pictures of the kids and our house.

Mark finally shoveled and salted our driveway and sidewalk. We kind of liked that you couldn’t tell where one ended and the other began, but I guess it is courteous to shovel it. So we did (or Mark did, thankfully). The kids really wanted to build a snowman, but the snow was to dry and powdery. It wouldn’t compact, but a loving daddy stayed out in the cold trying his best to make it happen for his son. I had to take Kanon in so I captured a few moments through the living room window.

This is so fun for us since neither one of us have ever lived where it snows. Maybe the snowman can get built today before our snow melts. It is supposed to get up to 40 degrees later this week- and that’s pretty much swimsuit weather you know.



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3 responses to “I got it!

  1. stacy

    Your house is so cute. It looks like all had a good time in the snow.

  2. Heidi Young

    I LOVE your house!! It is sooo pretty!!

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