The Giveaway is now closed!!!


So “My Little Thespians” was my 100th post! And to celebrate, I am doing a giveaway! I’m not sure what it will be yet. I have some ideas….but I’m still thinking. So while I’m thinking you leave a comment telling me what was your favorite gift to give this holiday season, the one you were the most excited about. On Friday at noon, I will “close the comments,” print and cut the comments, and have one of my lovely children randomly draw one out of a hat. The winner will be announced sometime Friday afternoon!!! Only one comment per person- so tell your friends!



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15 responses to “Giveaway!

  1. Reagan Sapp

    Hey Girl! I recently saw your mom in Wal-Mart and she gave me her business card with your blog on it and I check it frequently to pray for your family and see the many blessings that God has bestowed upon you. What an amazing woman of God and mom you have become! Happy New Year! Oh, and as far as thespians go….I remember you being pretty fun in high school when we did “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” (or whatever it was called?) Hmmm…as far as favorite Christmas gifts go I think it was the Cricut that we got my mom?


  2. Heidi Young

    Yay, how fun! Ok, my favorite gift to give this Christmas was a scrapbook/photo album I gave to my mom. I had lots of pictures of all of us kids with her when we were babies, growing up, and present day stuff. I also put in quotes about mothers and daughters and sons and some verses on love. At the end I wrote a letter telling her how much I love her and how much she means to me. It felt great not only to give her a book full of memories, but to give her something that I had worked so hard on and spent time on.
    Wish me luck! Love you Maeg!

  3. My favorite gift to give this year was Emma’s booster seat. I know it doesn’t sound like a very fun kid’s present, but she had been begging us to let her ride in one since she was now big enough. On several occasions, she told me she hoped she would get one for Christmas. So I knew she would be so excited when she opened the gift. And she was!

  4. Angela

    Hey girl! I didn’t get around to making any fun gifts this year due to “little man” but my favorite thing that we gave this year was a new mattress to my sister and brother-n-law. They were using my parents old mattress bought when I was born 27 years ago. We had it delivered to them and they didn’t even know they were getting it. It was a blessing to give it to them because they so desperately needed it! Can’t wait to see the giveaway!

  5. I love giveaways! And I loved reading what everyone was so excited to give this year. My favorite gift was for my brother-in-law – my sister got him a firepit, so I found marshmallow roasting forks and made him graham crackers and marshmallows. It was a nice change from the usual cakes and cookies!

  6. Lee Ann

    I think my favorite gifts to give this Christmas were the gifts we gave to the babies. In November, it was looking like this would be the third year that we expected to have a baby at Christmas time and wouldn’t. But, then baby boy ended up staying and we got a little girl right before Tday. So, it was precious to have babies to give gifts to.
    Also, Damascus picked out the wind chimes for Nathaniel’s grave site this year and he was really excited about them. That is also a favorite, seeing Damascus care for his baby brother in this way.

  7. I randomly browse blogs on Google sometimes and just found yours 🙂 I suppose I should enter the giveaway while I’m here! I’m curious as to what prize you’ll find. My favorite gift this Christmas was a planner for 2010…Geeky, I know 🙂 But my Christmas didn’t include any fancy gifts, and I really like the planner I got!

    • maemarie

      I’m glad you stopped by. For the giveaway I would like to know what was your favorite gift to GIVE to somebody else. Let me know, so you can be entered!

  8. Tess

    You are so much fun ! I love the snowman post 🙂
    My favorite gift that I gave this year was the book Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss. It is a MUST READ !!!

    Happy New Year !

  9. Calli's Chris

    My favorite gift to give is the gift to my grandfather every year. This year we got him night vision goggles and a night vision scope for his gun. He has a ranch in Henderson that he is trying to make hog free… So hopefully that will help..

  10. Calli Nicole

    My favorite gift that I gave this year was to Karston and Kyrie. Their “CARS” tent, Maegan and I set it up in the basemant for them to camp out in….. It only took us like 30 seconds to set it up because we are very outdoorsy and adventurous…

  11. Whitni Hays

    My favorite gift this holiday season would be my cutco knives! I love to cook and who doesn’t love a good set of knives to help out?! I’ve also realized that the older I get the more I love to spend time with my family. The holidays seem to have flown by quicker that ever this year! I hope you enjoyed yours this year and that you feel as blessed as I do!

  12. Whitni Hays

    I obviously didn’t listen to the instructions…. That’s what I get for doing this on 3 hours of sleep! I loved giving my mom a large iron cut out of the “osu posse”. Moms always seem to get a little deprived around Christmas and get little credit for all they do!

  13. stacy

    My favorite gift that I gave this year had to be the 38 pistol I gave Todd. That is something that is so out of the ordinary for me. He was so shocked because along with the gun I got him a course for a concealed hand gun class.

    We love you all and hope to see you guys in April.

  14. Kendra

    Well we drew names for christmas this year among my brothers and their wives. I drew my brother Jonathan’s name. He just turned 29 and has a 5 month old son. However in his mind, he still thinks he’s 21. He loves to have backyard bashes etc playing stupid games like beerpong (on a table he made from plywood and sawhorses) and going to Party Cove at the lake! When all his friends bought Xbox, he had to have one too. He even took a week off work right before Carter was born so that he could build a back yard fire pit and stone patio for their upcoming anual Halloween party they were having at their house (he went as the funny character off The Hangover). Anyways so I thought I would pass-up the argyle sweaters and cologne to get him a good ole set of horseshoes! His smile was huge! That was my favorite gift to give!

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