My Little Thespians

My kids love to act everything out. I think this is quite normal for children. I remember any time I watched a movie or read a book, I would pick what character I was going to be. Whichever one was the main protagonist was usually what I chose. Ariel in The Little Mermaid. Or Ducky in The Land Before Time (I know that’s not the main protagonist….), and Annie in Annie (but even more than Annie I’ve always wanted to play Miss Hannigan in a play- I think it would be such a fun role!) Anyways, Karston acts out books that we read and movies that we watch. Recently he acted out The Prince’s Poison Cup using a little cup from his nativity set as the cup that carries the poison in which the prince drinks. He plays various characters- the Prince, the King of Life, the “people,” and the man in the dark cloak that gives the Prince the poison. He is actually very good at acting stories out and will instruct other characters on what they are to do. 

When he is making up his own story he has great voice inflection, knows when to pause and build suspense, uses his hands to help tell the story, and knows the importance and relief of a comedic laugh. Now I am not one of those parents who thinks their children are great at everything they do. I know my children have strengths and weaknesses. I just know that storytelling/acting is one of Karston’s strengths. This is the reason making costumes is moving higher on my list of things to do. 

I did snap a few pictures of Karston and Kyrie as they were acting out the Christmas story last week while they were waiting on their Nonna and Papa and Aunt Calli to arrive.

I love their imaginations!



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4 responses to “My Little Thespians

  1. stacy

    These are so precious. The middle is my favorite. Looks like you guys had a great Christmas.

  2. Angela

    Great to talk to you too! I love these pictures, they ar of course great and such sweet little ones too!

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