So what do you do when you have a mountain of 3 FULL loads of laundry that need to be folded on New Year’s Eve. Well, you fold them because your parents and sister are coming tomorrow. And what do you when your 2 and 3 year old knock ALL the clothes onto the floor because you couldn’t put them away fast enough (they were, after all, in their rooms asleep last night). You keep calm. And when that 2 and 3 year old go into their rooms for quiet time you haul all your clothes upstairs and keep the 3 month old baby, who needs to take a nap in your room, awake by putting on one of your Pandora stations very loudly and dancing for him (while hanging up clothes)- in your high school track sweats nonetheless (really don’t know how I still have those).  Happy New Year from our crazy house to yours!


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