Better than Receiving

Is giving. I really love to give gifts. Most of the time. I don’t like to give gifts just to mark it off a list. I love to really know the person, to study them, to think about what they love, what will most excite them, what is something they want, what is something they wouldn’t buy for themselves, what is so them. And while I can’t tell you some of my gifts (my family is coming up on Friday to do a late Christmas), I wanted to share the gift we gave my sister-in-law. Mark told me he did not want me making any gifts this year other than photo books or the like. I was a little sad and a little relieved and a lot thankful that I had a husband who takes care of me. It has been an overwhelming season. So to etsy I went. But with as many things that are on there, and so many of those things that I would love, nothing was just jumping out at me as fitting her. Then I thought pillows- couch pillows- and then I found out she had just gotten some hand-me-down couches and knew that was the gift. So Mark let me make them. They are pillows after all, not the most of challenging sewing projects. I loved them, and I think she did too.



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6 responses to “Better than Receiving

  1. Oh I love them! Especially the ruffle pillow. Luke always cringes every time I bring a new pillow into the house, but I just can’t help myself.

  2. These turned out so cute.

    Is the ruffle one made of felt?

    • maemarie

      I actually used knit. You could use an old t-shirt to make one. I used knit so I wouldn’t have to finish the edges of the ruffles (and because it’s soft), but I guess you wouldn’t have to finish the edges with felt either.

  3. Crystal

    WOW! They are beautiful! And that blanket you make Evelynn is SO Beautiful!! I just love it and used it for Analise some this weekend too. 😉 You are such a sweet talented thoughtful friend.

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