A Merry Little Christmas

We had a sweet and quiet (as quiet as quiet gets with three kids) Christmas with our little family of five. It was a perfectly lazy and happy day. It was so nice to be together as a family and to take a day off of Mark studying to just be together. The only thing that would have made it better would have been snow. Now I know many of you do not want snow, and I don’t want it for long, but that was my one consolation about moving up to Kentucky where it is so cold. I HATE cold weather. I really don’t see how bodies continue to live when it is cold, I mean don’t they just stop and focus on trying to get warm allowing nothing else to get done. Anyways, if it is going to be cold then it might as well be for a reason. And snow is a perfectly good reason- some good pictures, some snowballs, and maybe even a snowman. But not this Christmas. We move to Kentucky and it snows in Texas! and stays a rainy 50 degrees in Louisville! I couldn’t believe it. We did get a little snow yesterday. I just want one good snow.

Anyways, I will stop complaining and leave you with some pictures from Christmas and the days surrounding it.


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  1. Katie Metka

    Hi, my name is Katie, I’m a friend of Anna Barnard so that is how I found your blog. I was reading about your youngest having a small soft spot because I’ve noticed in my newborn (6 weeks) that she has a small soft spot and that it has gotten a little smaller in the last few weeks. I have a dr. appointment tomorrow for her so we’ll see, but I was wondering if your son’s spot is still small, can you still feel it? My daughter’s is so tiny, about the size of my finger tip. I’m just so worried about what this means, will she have to have surgery, etc…
    could you email me at katiemetka@yahoo.com whenever you have the chance? Thanks so much!

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