brown paper packages

tied up with string. These are a few of my favorite things. Really, who doesn’t love getting a package. I know we do. We have a mail drop at our house, so when we first moved in the kids checked the mail, oh, somewhere around 12 times a day. They checked it even after it had already come. We would also check the porch a couple of times a day. Now don’t think we have a package come every day because that is certainly not the case, but between Mark’s school books and gifts/fabric I buy online (because loading up 3 kids to go shopping is really just impossible) and the packages Nonna sends we do receive a fair amount. Well, now that it’s Christmas time we are receiving a lot more as I’m sure you all are too. But not all of them have been for Christmas which is nice because it’s not as fun to get a package but not be able to open it.

One of the non-Christmas packages was from my sweet friend Becca. We met just a couple of weeks before I had Karston. She was a sister-in-law to a friend I had already met in Waco. We ended up living beside each other at TSTC, and laughed at the lack of insulation in our homes or the shingles falling off every time the wind blew. Well maybe we didn’t laugh at the time. But we can now. We would walk to each other’s house or go on walks around the track together. Her and her husband watched Karston while Mark and I went on a date.  Then Mark and I ran around the campus trying to find her husband while she was riding in an ambulance with her sweet baby boy who had quit breathing while she was nursing him (he is okay now). We have so many memories. And I miss her so. She is so crafty! And I do wish we had created more together while we lived so close. However, I am still reaping the benefits of this creative friend even if we are separated by a few states. She sent us a package with an adorable bib and burp cloth for Kanon and some PRECIOUS leg warmers for Kyrie. And Kyrie loves them. So I wanted to show you just how cute they are. Thank you Becca!



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2 responses to “brown paper packages

  1. Crystal

    I love mine too! Kyrie is so adorable!!

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