Creation Museum

We have wanted to go to the Creation Museum, well, since before it opened. And then it opened and we just never made that drive from Texas to Kentucky. And then we knew we were moving to Kentucky so we waited. Then we moved to Kentucky, but Mark was doing school and we were still settling in. So last week we decided to go. Our family really needed some time together away from what our life has consisted of the past few months. Karston has really been interested in dinosaurs ever since he started playing with the neighbor boy who know EVERYTHING about dinosaurs. We thought it would be a great time to go. It was awesome. Now let me just say right now that we did not read any of the information. Are you kidding me? With a two and three year old we were obviously there just to SEE. Which is fine for us. At some point it would be nice to go back and be able to read the information however our purpose for going was not to be convinced of the falsehood of evolution and the truth of the Bible. That being said, figures and models were absolutely stunning. 

There were many Biblical figures and scenes from the Bible. Here’s Isaiah and Moses.

And David

And here’s the kids in the Garden of Eden

And there were several figures of Adam and Eve in various times/circumstances (eating the fruit)

And Satan disguised as a serpent

Here is Adam with Cain and Abel working the land where life outside the garden is hard. (A pregnant Eve was off to the side, but I didn’t get a picture of her- too bad, she was a cute pregnant woman.)

And then here is what we came for….the dinosaurs

And this is the one that scared Karston

He was pretty scary. I’m sure it especially was for a 3 year old. Several of them moved, including this one. Now, I think you should all plan a trip to the Creation Museum. Because it’s that good. Really just because if you do plan a trip that means you better at least stop for a visit if not come and stay with us! So get your calendars out and plan a trip. We miss all our Texas friends!


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  1. Tess

    Too much fun! I have some of the same pictures from my family in Tennessee when they visited the museum.

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